How The Inventing Anna Cast Compares To Their Real-Life Counterparts

Julia Garner had a prison meeting with Anna Sorokin, who says she won’t be watching the Netflix show.

Netflix’s Inventing Anna Cast vs Their Real-Life Counterparts. Photo via Netflix


Netflix’s Inventing Anna drama series tells the real-life story of Anna Sorokin, a Russian-born German woman who scammed hotels, banks, and her friends out of thousands of dollars from 2013 to 2017 while posing as a rich German heiress named Anna Delvey.


Adapted from a 2018 New York article by journalist Jessica Pressler, the Shondaland series’ characters are based on Sorokin and her actual acquaintances, and the convicted scammer has publicly commented on her portrayal. Here’s how each actor compares to their real-life counterpart.