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The Pills In Project Power Don't Get You High — They Give You Superpowers

But they come with some serious side effects.

How much would you risk to save your daughter from super human villains? In Netflix's Project Power (out now), that's the question facing Art (Jamie Foxx), an ex-soldier on a journey to find his missing daughter, who's been kidnapped by a shadowy drug cartel. The only catch is that this shadowy cartel doesn't deal your typical drugs, instead they deal pills that give you superpowers. So how exactly do the pills in Project Power work?

As co-director Henry Joost (Paranormal Activity 3, Paranormal Activity 4) explained to TV Insider: "You don't get to choose your power, it only lasts for five minutes, and it might instantly kill you." The trailer also breaks down a few more facts: everybody's power is different, and the only way to discover yours is to take the pill and see what happens.

Some of the powers shown in the trailer involve elemental-based powers, with one person controlling ice, and another literally bursting into flame. Another user becomes invisible, aside from some strange textures around his face, and, yes, there's even a peek into one of the protagonists' powers: Art's bulletproof skin, which is shown when he's shot in the side of the head point blank and walks away with only a bloodshot eye to show for it.

The pill is primarily being used by criminals, who are all given the drug by a dealer with his own plans to refine the power pill and weaponize it. To combat the cartel Art partners up with a few people wrapped up in the drug trade, including a teenage drug dealer, Robin (Dominique Fishback), and a police officer, Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who's also on his own quest to crush the drug cartel and its dealings in his city of New Orleans.

It'll be interesting to see how Project Power and its unique take on superpowers stacks up against the typical comic book-inspired fare audiences might be used to. As it's not based on any existing comic book franchise or title, Project Power might just be a refreshing change of pace in superhero flicks.