Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking Trailer Introduces A New Kind Of Dating Show

Indian matchmaker Seema Taperia is a pro at setting up arranged marriages.

Host of Netflix show 'Indian Matchmaking'

Arranged marriage may be a taboo topic for most people who were born and raised in the U.S., but in other parts of the world, the process is all too common. Sometimes, it's even a welcome opportunity. Netflix's Indian Matchmaking trailer, which was released on Thursday, July 9, sets up contestants for arranged marriage, shedding light on the process — and showing just how involved parents can get in finding the one for their children.

On the new, dating show, elite Indian matchmaker Seema Taperia helps "fickle and fussy" single Indian millennials who have decided to forgo fashionable dating apps and find love using the old-fashioned way: with the help of an actual expert. Over the course of eight episodes, Taperia will learn every detail about her clients, including their horoscope charts — a reassuring astrological reading is key. She'll also travel between the U.S. and India to set up various matches made in heaven — or the stars, in this case.

But of course, not only does the matchmaker have to find the perfect match for her client, but she has to make sure any possible match is approved by their families, who are usually more involved in the process than the ones actually wanting to get married. "If he doesn't finalize, me and my husband are going to finalize the girl for him," one impatient mom says about her son in the trailer. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

According to a press release obtained by Bustle, these contestants' families are even going so far as to going on dates with them. "From Houston to Chicago to Mumbai, these young singles go on sometimes fun, sometimes awkward first dates — often with their family in tow — to discover whether these good-on-paper matches can turn into a love that lasts a lifetime," the official synopsis reads. There's no words on whether any weddings will actually be seen onscreen, but considering how big Indian ceremonies can be, you should really hope so.

Indian Matchmaking is just one in a long string of new and promising dating shows from Netflix, following online sensations Love Is Blind, where two people get engaged without seeing each other, and Too Hot to Handle, in which contestants were allowed to look, but not touch. Other love-themed reality series on Netflix include Say I Do, which is basically Queer Eye for spontaneous weddings, and the upcoming Love on the Spectrum, which follows young adults with Autism as they navigate the world of dating. So if you need some inspiration for your love life, or just some new shows to sob to, Netflix has you covered.

The first season of Indian Matchmaking will start streaming on Netflix on Thursday, July 16, meaning you'll soon know what not to do if you end up going to a matchmaker to fix your love life.