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Benjamin Norris Plays Trent On Never Have I Ever & Knows Comedy

He also frequently collaborates with his girlfriend.

In addition to his role as Trent on 'Never Have I Ever,' Benjamin Norris recently starred on a major...
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Spoilers ahead for Never Have I Ever Season 2. By the end of Never Have I Ever’s latest season, Devi’s love life is miraculously at peace. For now, that is. Her sweet moment with Paxton at the school dance marked the beginning of a new chapter for the couple — one no longer shrouded in secret, confusing hookups — but Devi wouldn’t have got there if not for the help of her best friends, Fabiola and Eleanor. Of course, she’s not the only one with a strong support system. Where would be Paxton be without Trent?

Known for his laidback vibe that belies a much more mysterious background — his dad is a sommelier, his mom an illusionist at the Magic Castle — Trent tends to steal scenes with his moments of down-to-earth charm, like when he asked Eleanor to dance in the Season 2 finale. Of course, considering the comedic chops of actor Benjamin Norris, that’s maybe not too surprising. Even before his role as Trent on Never Have I Ever, Norris has been busy cultivating a creative resume in all forms of comedy — from short-form sketches on your social feed to an instantly iconic role on a fan-favorite sitcom. Here is everything you should know about Norris after you’ve seen him play Trent in Never Have I Ever.

Norris Recently Starred On Superstore

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In the same year that Norris made his Never Have I Ever debut, he joined another on-screen family — that of the Cloud 9 retail workers on Superstore. As Tony, the 17-year-old adopted son to Sandra, the actor left a memorable impact on the show’s final episodes (especially when the ever-casual character sparred with a tightly wound Jonah).

He’s Been Making Comedy Online For Years

As a modern creator, Norris has made himself at home on several platforms and has appeared in sitcoms, streaming dramedies, and sketches shared on social media. “You need to diversify, and you need to become a double and triple threat,” Norris told his alma mater, Temple University, in 2020. “Making your own stuff constantly, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, you’re exercising that muscle.” In addition to a variety of sketch series on his YouTube channel, Norris has also appeared in several scripted BuzzFeed videos starting in 2015.

Norris Is Dating A Fellow Actor And Creator

As Norris revealed on NightCap Live in 2020, he moved in with his girlfriend Carolyn Gilroy right as the COVID lockdowns began last March, and the unexpected event proved to be a creative boon for the pair. “We’ve been collaborating together for the first time ever,” Norris said of Gilroy, who is related to the filmmaker Dan Gilroy. “She’s a very talented writer and actress.” Even though most couples probably didn’t spend the pandemic writing plays, working together on sketches, or starring in breakout roles on Netflix, Norris revealed that the pair also turned to several tried-and-true ways to “stay sane,” including going to the park and cooking.

Evidently, it all worked out — Gilroy recently shared a photo of the pair spending some time in Joshua Tree. And as viewers eagerly await (or maybe manifest) a third season of Never Have I Ever, they can at least relax knowing that this couple’s fun, playful sketches don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.