Who Is Nick Cannon Dating & How Many Kids Does He Have?

Here’s a rundown of the Wild ’n Out host’s love life and family.

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2022 is turning out a lot like 2021 for Nick Cannon. The Wild ’n Out host announced that he and model Bre Tiesi are having a baby on the Jan. 30 episode of The Nick Cannon Show, and the baby boy’s birth was announced on July 25. Tiesi posted photos from her “unmedicated home birth” to her personal Instagram and called Cannon an “amazing and supportive partner” who “showed the f up for us.” The boy’s name has not yet been announced.

In January, Cannon told viewers of his show that he’s in a “great space” after Zen’s passing and he shared a photo from their baby shower. In other photos that were published by TMZ, Cannon was captured cradling Tiesi’s baby bump at the gender reveal.

The birth comes less than a year after Cannon announced that Zen, the son he shared with model Alyssa Scott, died of brain cancer at just 5 months old in December 2021. According to Cannon, he knew about Tiesi’s pregnancy “for a while,” even before Zen’s passing, but didn’t know how to break the news. "Even going through all of that, this was always in the back of my mind, like, ‘What is the right time? How do I share this?’” he said. “No one, we didn’t expect Zen to pass away ... All of the news was so unexpected.”

Cannon added that he wanted to “respect the grieving process” for Scott and that Tiesi totally understood. “Bre was respectful enough,” he said. “She held off making our announcements and speaking on social media.” But other than that, Cannon didn’t know what to do. “I didn’t know what to say when I was dealing with Zen or to hold off,” he said at the time of Tiesi’s pregnancy announcement. “Even right now, that it came out yesterday, that wasn’t planned to talk about it. We wanted to, you know, hold on as long as we can, but it happened.”

The Masked Singer host revealed that Zen was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus on the Dec. 7 episode of his show. It happened during what was supposed to be a routine visit to check on sinuses and allergies. The baby had surgery and a shunt to drain fluids in his brain, but his condition became worse over Thanksgiving. “Ultimately, it was cancer in the brain and the tumor began to grow a lot faster, and so we knew that time was,” he explained while getting choked up. He also said that he got to spend quality time with Zen before his passing.

Scott announced that she was expecting a child with Cannon on Father’s Day of last year, less than one week after he welcomed twin boys — Zion and Zillion — with Abby De La Rosa on June 14. “Celebrating you today,” the model wrote alongside a photo of Cannon holding her pregnant belly. Scott didn’t tag him in the photo, nor did he confirm the news on his own Instagram. She gave birth to Zen on June 23 and announced the news in a post on July 4. “I will love you for eternity,” she wrote next to a black heart emoji and the baby’s birth date. Cannon confirmed the news on July 19 by sharing photos of Zen on his Instagram Story.

De La Rosa, for her part, revealed the birth of their twins on June 14. The DJ shared a clip on Instagram of her holding her newborn boys. In April, she confirmed she was pregnant in a now-deleted video of her and Cannon posing in the woods. “Our dearest sons — my miracle babies, thank you for choosing me to be your Mommy,” she wrote. “I pray that God gives you both the strength to walk brave and boldly in your individual truth just like your Daddy.”

All of this came shortly after Cannon welcomed a daughter, Powerful Queen, with model Brittany Bell in December 2020. This was the former couple’s second child together. If you haven’t caught on by now, Cannon has mastered juggling multiple relationships and reproducing. But understanding his complicated family tree requires and even deeper understanding of his equally complicated love life.

Who Is Nick Cannon Dating?

If you’re scratching your head wondering who Cannon is dating and how many kids he has, we’re here to help you sort it out. Though it seems like the the television presenter might be dating Tiesi at the moment since she just gave birth to his eighth child, TMZ reports that Cannon is expecting a ninth child this October with De La Rosa, whom he already shares twins with.

In 2019, Cannon appeared on the ExpediTIously podcast, where he revealed that monogamous relationships aren’t quite his thing. “I think I’ll never be able to be with just one woman again,” he said. “I did it in marriage, I was very faithful in my marriage,” referring to his marriage to music icon Mariah Carey, who he wed in 2008 before filing for divorce in 2014.

Last year, he doubled down on his radio show during a conversation with Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada. “Men don’t subscribe to monogamy because they feel like it’s not natural in their makeup, in their DNA,” he said when the reality star spoke about wanting to be in a relationship with one man. “It’s that hunting mentality, but it’s also like, ‘Yo if we suppose to be fruitful and multiply, if we here to do this…’ There’s not many creatures on earth that are monogamous.”

Who Are Nick Cannon’s Exes?

Prior to his relationships with Scott, De La Rosa, and now Tiesi, Cannon was dating pageant queen Brittany Bell. Bell announced that she gave birth to their daughter, Powerful Queen Cannon, in December 2020. “The best gift ever,” she wrote on Instagram on Christmas Day. “We have been surprised with... A GIRL!!!!!” She went on to call Cannon her “rock” through an “intense yet empowering” water birth.” This was the former couple’s second child together. In 2017, they welcomed a son named Golden.

Unfortunately, it seems that Bell’s latest pregnancy may have come in the way of Cannon’s relationship with his previous girlfriend, model Jessica White. The 36-year-old said on Fox Soul’s Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee that she found out Bell was expecting “on Instagram along with the rest of the world” shortly after she suffered a miscarriage, per Us Weekly. “She was aware that I just had a miscarriage two weeks prior to her news coming out because he told me that he told her,” White said. “I was living at his house, and she knew that as well.”

Cannon has been linked to several other women as well, including model Lanisha Cole, TLC’s Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, and even supermodel Heidi Klum, among others. But his most famous relationship was with Mariah Carey. “I gave it my all,” the host said on T.I.’s podcast in 2019. “Because even before that, I was like, ‘I don’t believe in marriage.’ But, sh*t, it was Mariah Carey. Whatever she say, I’m with it. If she wanted to say we was going to the moon, I’m like, ‘Let’s go.’ If Imma marry somebody, Imma marry her.”

Once their eight-year marriage ended, Cannon knew he would never tie the knot again (or be in a monogamous relationship, for that matter). “I know I’ll never be in a relationship again,” he said. “I know I’ll never be married again … [I don’t] want to have to answer to anybody.”

How Many Kids Does Nick Cannon Have?

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Currently, Cannon is believed to have eight children (including Zen, who recently passed), with a ninth on the way. Cannon had his first two children — twins Monroe and Moroccan — in 2011 with Carey. In 2017, he and Bell welcomed their first son together, Golden; their daughter, Powerful Queen, arrived in late 2020. Zion and Zillion, whom he shares with De La Rosa, were the next to join Cannon’s ever-growing family, and he is reportedly expecting another child with De La Rosa due this October. Scott’s late baby Zen was his seventh child and his baby boy with Tiesi is his eighth child.

2021 was a big year for Cannon, but with baby number 8 just born and number 9 reportedly on the way, 2022 could be even bigger.

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