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Noah Erb's Twin Brother Is Already Roasting The New Bachelorette Contestant

The travel nurse is one to watch.


Clare Crawley is officially engaged to Dale Moss, which means it's time for Tayshia Adams to speed date dozens of men in the hopes of finding her future husband. One of the four new contestants who will reportedly join The Bachelorette this week to round out her options is Noah Erb. According to Reality Steve, Noah is one of the "backup contestants" production tapped when Clare left the show, so here's everything we know about him.

Noah's Instagram

Fair warning: Don't look at Noah's Instagram unless you want a big dose of vacation envy. His grid could be a feature in a travel magazine — it's full of gorgeous destination shots with him front and center. Scroll through to see him jumping amid the palm trees in the Philippines, nailing daring poses on the slopes in Canada, biking through the mountains in Colorado, and more. His bio offers another glimpse at what he's most passionate about: Jesus, people, living, and changing the world.

Noah's Job

Noah is a travel nurse, which explains the plethora of geotags on his Instagram photos. On Halloween, he shared a selfie in his scrubs. "This is No Costume..Merry spooky SZN boos," he captioned the post. Last Christmas, he posed with a man dressed up as Santa Claus while working in a California medical center.

Noah Has A Blog

The WordPress blog that's linked in his Instagram bio features four posts that are all quite introspective and faith-based. His latest entry, "Tiny Speck," was published in March 2019. In it, Noah asks a series of hypothetical and spiritual questions, like "How does one give thanks and show appreciation to THE ONE who has it all?" and "How can one offer wisdom on things he himself does not yet understand?"

And He Has A Twin Brother

His fraternal twin's name is Aaron, and they appear to be very close. In fact, Aaron already poked fun at Noah's appearance on The Bachelorette.

As the mustached suitor said during his first episode on The Bachelorette, he has nearly a dozen siblings.

What Is Noah Doing After The Bachelorette?

For starters, the 'stache is back. And so are the scrubs. After The Bachelorette, Noah is continuing work as a nurse during the pandemic. He's currently stationed in Sherman, Texas, per a Nov. 24 Instagram Story, and he recently showed off his astronaut suit-like PPE on TikTok, writing, "Can covid be over? This space helmet makes me hot." He also recently made a new gecko friend at work, which he introduced to TikTok. So, if things didn't work out with Tayshia, at least he has a lizard to keep him company.