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Where Is Jonathan Nørmølle After Getting Fired On Owning Manhattan?

The agent still wants to be the face of the real estate’s next generation.

‘Owning Manhattan’: Where Is Jonathan Normolle Today After His Firing?

Spoilers for Owning Manhattan below. Just like Selling Sunset and Selling the O.C. before it, Netflix’s newest reality show, Owning Manhattan, comes with its fair share of drama. Real estate broker and former Bravo star Ryan Serhant has to manage over 300 agents at his company, forcing him to navigate tough situations — and sometimes even fire people.

In Owning Manhattan’s season finale, Serhant fired agent Jonathan Nørmølle atop New York’s The Edge skyscraper, which is a very dramatic setting for a job termination. The 32-year-old agent introduced himself on the show as “the next generation of real estate,” which turned off some of his colleagues.

When Serhant confronted him about his unprofessional behavior, Nørmølle attempted to defend himself. But he didn’t take accountability and came off as overly confident, resulting in his dismissal from the company. However, he hasn’t let that setback stop him from his goals.

The “Next Gen Agent” Is Still In Real Estate

After Serhant let him go, Nørmølle continued working in the competitive world of New York real estate. He is now a salesperson for Highline Residential, described as a “young and vibrant brokerage built on excellence and a cross-disciplinary approach.”

Jonathan Nørmølle attends the Owning Manhattan premiere on June 20, 2024, in New York City. Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nørmølle leads his own group within the company, called the Next Gen Team, which includes seven agents that work under his mentorship. The team currently has several active listings across neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Ironically, he uses praise from Serhant in his Highline Residential bio, claiming that he described Nørmølle as “the face of the next generation of home-buyers and sellers” despite being let go from his company.

In addition to his real estate career, Nørmølle also works as a model. He is signed to Elite Models Miami and has posed for several international publications.

Why Did Jonathan Get Fired?

Savannah Gowarty, Jessica Markowski and Jonathan Normolle on Owning Manhattan. Netflix

The series shows that Nørmølle got fired after he talked negatively about his co-star and colleague Savannah Gowarty on the company’s podcast, showed up late to an important showing, and was rude to the listing agent. However, according to the agent, he acted out purposefully with the goal of Serhant firing him from the company.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Nørmølle said that he wanted to start his own business, and claimed that the only way to get out of his contract with Serhant was to be terminated. “I went in on Ryan with all these things and he got upset enough to fire me on TV, and instantly these contracts were completely void,” he said.

Serhant has not commented on these claims, but in a separate interview with the Los Angeles Times, he highlighted Nørmølle’s potential. “I saw something in him that I also saw in me,” he said. “I had a dream in my head... ‘You are gonna have the biggest career ever. Or you could blow it all up.’ So it was probably my biggest disappointment. But I give him credit for being his authentic self.”