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This Bachelor Contestant Already Shares Matt's Last Name

It's one less thing that will have to change if they get married.

Pieper James from Matt James' season of 'The Bachelor' via ABC's press site
ABC/Craig Sjodin

If Bachelor contestant Pieper makes it to hometowns, Matt James will already have an early advantage with her dad. As Pieper revealed during the Bachelor premiere, her father doesn't want her to change her last name after she marries, but lucky for Matt, her last name is already James. Although the 23-year-old graduate student from Happy Valley, Oregon, may have a "slow roll out of the gate in the romance department," according to host Chris Harrison's contestant introduction video, it seems she has a good chance of sticking around for awhile.

"Once she gets there, there is no turning back for this woman, and she is all in," Harrison said, noting that Pieper is "very smart, very cerebral" but has zero poker face. "She's that girl that what you see is what you get. She can't fake it at all."

Get to know more about the woman he says is one of the more "dynamic contestants" on Matt James' Bachelor season.

Pieper's Job

After graduating from the University of Oregon in 2019 with degree in political science and sociology and a minor in business, Pieper has since been pursuing a masters degree in marketing from DePaul University in Chicago, according to her LinkedIn account. "Getting my M.S to avoid some B.S," she joked in her Instagram bio.

Beginning in June 2020, she has served as president of The Kellstadt Marketing Group (KMG), which is housed within DePaul University and bills itself as a professional graduate student-led organization specializing in the creation of knowledge-sharing events. Pieper wrote on LinkedIn that she's "Actively seeking career advancement opportunities in the field of Marketing."

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Pieper is also a model signed to Q6 Talent, 10mgmt, and The Source Models agencies. She's appeared in commercial shoots for brands such as Champs Sports, Finish Line, and Vanity Fair Lingerie. In the past, she served as a brand manager and business development coordinator for Mercedes-Benz.

Pieper's Instagram

As one would expect from a professional model, Pieper's Instagram posts could easily double as a portfolio. Aside from professional quality photos, she also shares photos from her globe-hopping adventures, including vacations to Mexico and Indonesia. She also seems to be family-oriented, dedicating a Stories highlight button to posts with her relatives.

What Pieper's Looking For

According to her ABC bio, Pieper is "caring, giving, and loves to learn what brings her partner joy so she can foster that happiness." Although she loves spending quality time with potential partners, she "also very much values independence and having parts of her life that remain her own." When it comes to a significant other, Pieper "needs someone with confidence and someone who knows what they want in life because forethought is so important to her."