Pink Named The Song She Regrets Recording & Thinks Was “A Real Mistake”

“I wish I never did that.”

Pink performs onstage at the Summer Carnival 2023 tour at SoFi Stadium on October 5, 2023 in Los Ang...
Gilbert Flores/Billboard/Getty Images

Not all of Pink’s songs have been “F*ckin’ Perfect” in her eyes. Amid her Summer Carnival Tour, the three-time Grammy winner reflected on some of the biggest hits and misses of her 23-year-long solo career, and she admitted there’s one song she should never have recorded. The single in question dates back to the 2009 SpongeBob SquarePants special Truth or Square, which Pink and several other celebrities appeared in as guest stars.

“I did put out that SpongeBob thing. ‘We’ve Got Scurvy’?” Pink told the Los Angeles Times, while speaking about her worst singles. “I wish I never did that.”

The made-for-TV movie was split across two episodes in Season 6 and celebrated SpongeBob SquarePants’ 10-year anniversary. Bouncing back and forth between live-action scenes and animation, it featured Patchy the Pirate’s celebrity-filled TV extravaganza, for which Pink sang “We’ve Got Scurvy” as a pirate. Lyrics included lines like, “Our gums are black, our teeth are falling out” and “A pirate ain’t worthy ’til he’s got some scurvy.” Looking back, Pink called the song “a real mistake.”

Mistake or not, Pink was in good company in the episode. SpongeBob’s Truth or Square also featured Robin Williams, Tina Fey, LeBron James, Will Ferrell, Rosario Dawson, Eddie Deezen, Craig Ferguson, CeeLo Green, and Ricky Gervais. Plus, her track made the cut for SpongeBob’s greatest hits album in 2009.

Gilbert Flores/Billboard/Getty Images

Another song Pink has regrets about now is “True Love,” her 2013 track featuring Lily Allen that was inspired by her relationship with her husband, Carey Hart. Before remembering she had recorded “We’ve Got Scurvy,” she named “True Love” as a contender for one of her worst singles. “It’s mean,” she told the Times. “Carey’s got thick skin, but I owe him a love song.”

For all that Pink may feel like she has made some mistakes in her career, she knows she has a lot to be proud of. She suggested “So What” and “Get the Party Started” as two of her best singles and acknowledged her own hard work. “I’ve been pounding the pavement for 25 years because that’s the arena I belong in,” she said during her Times interview. “Or that’s the stadium I belong in, I should say.”

This summer and fall, Pink has been celebrating her wins on the road. After a record-breaking show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in August, she posted on Instagram, in part, “I was just told that I am the very first female to ever headline a stadium in Wisconsin, and that we broke the attendance record. Sometimes I don’t know why they are looking at me when they tell me these things. I feel like saying… ‘me?? Are you sure??’ … I am full to the brim with real love for you all.”