Raven From The Circle Already Has Beyoncé’s Seal Of Approval

The Season 5 contestant is no stranger to the power of social media.

Now that 'The Circle' Season 5 is here, it's time to meet the new contestants! Here's everything to ...

Netflix’s The Circle is a reality competition show about social media. In the streamer’s own words, it’s all about winning the coveted title of “top influencer.” By that metric, The Circle Season 5 contestant Raven Sutton comes in with a major advantage: she’s been reposted by Beyoncé herself.

In the Renaissance hitmaker’s first TikTok ever, she included several clips of fans dancing to her summer anthem, “Break My Soul,” and Raven was among them. “I just know Blue [Ivy Carter] had something to do with this!” Raven wrote in an Instagram post, responding to the nod from Queen Bey herself.

Winning over Beyoncé is just one of many accomplishments on Raven’s list, though. Speaking to Bustle ahead of The Circle Season 5, Raven points to one key moment from the premiere episode when the cast is reading her bio about being a Deaf performer and disability advocate. “Everyone reacted in such a positive way,” she says. “And it really made me feel welcomed. I was nervous at first of how people would view me, but I think I got good vibes throughout the entire time.”

Ahead, here’s everything we know about Raven from The Circle so far.

Raven’s Instagram

Many of Raven’s Instagram posts are ASL interpretations of pop music — from Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ “Unholy,” to Nicki Minaj and Drake’s “Moment 4 Life,” which she used to celebrate her role on The Circle Season 5. “I am still overwhelmed with emotions,” she wrote in the Dec. 11 post.

Raven also uses her platform to support charities, discuss her experience as a Deaf woman, and continue her disability advocacy. In one post, for example, Raven points out the importance of captioning videos so that Deaf users can properly view them.

Raven’s Job

Per her bio, Raven works as a Deaf performer and disability advocate. This work takes her to several outlets, including appearances on programs like #DeafWoke, an online talk show. She currently works as a survivor resource specialist at Deaf DAWN in Washington, D.C. — described on its side as “a trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and transformative justice-based agency.”

Raven’s Interpreter, Paris

Viewers meet Raven’s interpreter, Paris McTizic, on The Circle Season 5 as well. The ASL interpreter co-hosts an interpreting podcast, Terp Tap In and also provides educational services about interpreting, inclusivity, and accessibility, per his site.