A Viral Sabrina Carpenter Fan Theory Predicts A Music Video Trilogy

“She’s making a movie!”

Sabrina Carpenter performs during Lollapalooza.
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sabrina Carpenter fans are convinced “Please Please Please” is part of an ongoing trilogy. The second single from Carpenter’s upcoming album, Short n' Sweet, was released on June 6, along with its accompanying music video starring her boyfriend, Barry Keoghan.

As TikToker @nicky.reardon pointed out, the “Please Please Please” visuals could serve as a sequel to the music video for her viral hit “Espresso,” which ends with Carpenter being arrested as a beat begins to play through the speakers of a cop car.

Fans now recognize this beat as the beginning of “Please Please Please,” the music video of which begins with Carpenter being released from jail. On TikTok, fans claim this is “concrete proof” that the two videos make “one cohesive narrative.”

At the end of her most recent video, Carpenter walks over to a tied-up Keoghan and places duct tape over the actor’s mouth before the credits roll.

“If you keep watching the credits, you start to hear a new beat,” the TikToker noted, theorizing that the potential final act of a music video trilogy is already being teased.

Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter in the “Please Please Please” music video.

“If she’s done this for the past two music videos in a row, and we know she’s releasing an album in August, it probably means we’re getting another single in July,” the TikToker continued. “I imagine that’s about to be the third part of this trilogy, and possibly even an introduction of whatever this concept album storyline is about to be.”

The “Carpenters,” as fans of the singer have dubbed themselves, were quick to share their thoughts on the viral theory.

“Damn, she’s making a movie! So slay,” one user commented on TikTok. “The girlies are reviving music videos,” one fan also wrote, while another added, “She is literally a genius. About to be one of the greats of our time.”

Whether the trilogy theory is correct remains to be seen, but if Carpenter does drop a third single in support of her next album, it will follow the chart success of “Espresso,” which peaked in the top five of the Billboard Hot 100.