Sabrina Carpenter & Barry Keoghan’s Astrological Compatibility, Revealed

Big water sign energy in their charts can bring out their emotional sides.

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This year has been an exciting one for Sabrina Carpenter, because in addition to turning 25, debuting her catchy new bop “Espresso” at Coachella, walking the Met Gala carpet for the first time, and clinching her first SNL musical guest appearance, the singer and actress also made a red-carpet debut with boyfriend Barry Keoghan. While rumors about the stars’ status as a couple had been swirling for months, they made things red-carpet official when they showed up to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party together on March 10.

Whispers of a possible romance between Carpenter and Keoghan began after the two were spotted having dinner together in Los Angeles in December 2023. Since then, they’ve been seen on numerous cozy outings together and Keoghan’s even attended numerous Eras Tour shows in support of Carpenter, who performed as the opening act for Taylor Swift for a leg of the tour. Now that they’ve taken their relationship to the red carpet, I think it’s time to dive into the astrological compatibility between Carpenter and Keoghan to see what the planets have to say about this star-studded pairing.

While both Carpenter and Keoghan’s birth dates and locations are confirmed, their exact birth times aren’t — so as an astrologer, I can’t calculate their rising signs or see which houses in their charts the planets fall into. However, their major zodiac placements are still accessible without a birth time, so let’s dive into some of the key planetary relationships that contribute to this couple’s cosmic chemistry.

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The Couple’s Basic Compatibility

Let’s start with the basics: Carpenter is a Taurus sun, while Keoghan is a Libra sun. Taurus and Libra aren’t particularly compatible signs on the surface, but they do share some sweet common ground in the form of their governing planet. Both signs are ruled by the amorous planet Venus, making them especially relationship-oriented people. Sensual Tauruses love to indulge in all the pleasures of romance, while flirty Libras enjoy the thrill and excitement of falling in love. It’s no surprise that Keoghan was spotted wearing a friendship bracelet with Carpenter’s name on it at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

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And when it comes to communication, there may be some challenges — as Carpenter and Keoghan have mental planet Mercury in the opposite signs of Taurus and Scorpio, respectively. They likely have vastly different ways of thinking about things and expressing themselves. However, there is an “opposites attract” effect that could factor in here, too. While communication could get frustrating, it can also be fun and sexy for them to challenge one another intellectually, and their differing perspectives can help broaden their outlook. Overall, their sun and Mercury pairings aren’t perfect, but there’s certainly potential for sparks.

Waters Run Deep In Sex & Emotions

In both Carpenter and Keoghan’s birth charts, the emotionally-driven element of water is dominant among some very important relationship planets — namely the sentimental moon, love planet Venus, and sex planet Mars. Both stars have the moon and Venus in water signs (Carpenter has a Pisces moon and Cancer Venus, while Keoghan has a Cancer moon and Scorpio Venus), which gives them a natural compatibility when it comes to the way they process their feelings and show affection in relationships. Keoghan also has lusty Mars in watery Cancer, which brings desire into the mix on his end, too, which was seen as he bashfully blushed while watching Carpenter perform at Coachella.

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While the aspects these planets are forming to one another aren’t particularly tight, the fact that they all reside in water signs denotes an innate understanding of one another when it comes to sex, love, and emotions. Water signs feel things deeply and have strong intuition, so thanks to these placements, there’s potential for a very deep and tender romantic connection between the two stars.

Intense Attraction Thanks To Pluto

Another driving force between this couple is likely a deep and intense attraction to one another, and that’s thanks in part to some strong aspects involving transformative Pluto. Carpenter’s moon is forming a beautiful trine to Pluto in Keoghan’s chart, while her sun is directly opposing it. The trine brings a deep emotional understanding to the relationship that can catalyze all sorts of powerful shifts within the two stars, and their unspoken connection may have been palpable immediately. And due to the tension of the opposition, there is likely a wildly magnetic pull between the two stars, too, which might feel dangerous but hard to resist.

Speaking of being hard to resist, Carpenter’s Mars in Libra is tightly aligned with Keoghan’s Libra sun, which can indicate a strong physical attraction between them. Mars is the planet of lust, while the sun symbolizes core identity, so when it comes to desire, they probably turn each other on just by being themselves.

While Carpenter and Keoghan may not have the most compatible sun or Mercury signs, their significant water sign placements bring an easy-flowing emotional connection to their relationship. Additionally, some powerful aspects involving intensity-loving Pluto and libidinous Mars give their relationship plenty of sexy sparks and a magnetic attraction.

Nina Kahn is Bustle’s resident astrologer and tarot reader.