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Sabrina Carpenter’s “Please Please Please” Music Video Is A Lingerie Lover’s Dream

Thank me later.

Sabrina Carpenter’s “Espresso” is already poised to be a song of the summer, and on June 6, the singer dropped another single, called “Please Please Please.”

The song is about falling for a bad boy, with lyrics like, “Don’t bring me to tеars when I just did my makeup” and “I beg you, don’t embarrass me, motherf*cker.” For the song’s music video, Carpenter enlisted her real-life boyfriend, Barry Keoghan, whose character engages in various illegal activities that send him on repeat trips to jail.

No fashion crimes, however, were committed. Carpenter’s struts are practically a fashion show. She wears sheer lingerie, statement coats, and luxe minis, proving she’s a style force to be reckoned with.

Sabrina’s Red Hot Bustier

In one scene, she dons a fiery red bustier dress that looks straight out of the boudoir. The item features a lacy bra and a boned, sheer bodice, culminating in a subtly beribboned dress, with two tiny bows on the sleeves.

She completes the look with sheer thigh-high tights — a staple accessory throughout the video.

Her Bright Fur Coats

In the video, Keoghan routinely gets nabbed by the cops, and it’s up to Carpenter to pick him up. She dresses for the occasion in a white tank, beribboned skirt, and brightly-colored fuzzy coat. The first time she picks him up, the coat is vivid fuchsia.

She also harkens back to a controversial trend from the early aughts: the exposed bra strap. A baby pink strap peeks out of her tank, matching the silky choker that holds a heart pendant.

The second time she bails out Keoghan, she wears a nearly identical look, but in neon yellow. She accessorizes both looks with sheer tights and vertiginous platforms.

Her Belly Button Cut-Out

Toward the end of the video, Carpenter wears a saucy white dress. It’s strapless, with a micro mini hem and a massive asymmetrical cut-out that flaunts her navel.

A Hooded Mini

In another scene, she visits Keoghan in jail and channels Old Hollywood glam. To complement a hooded midnight blue mini, she adds cat-eye sunglasses and opera gloves.

Sabrina, please please please never stop slaying.