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Sam M. From The Bachelorette Reminds Fans Of A Controversial Past Lead

Don’t worry — he says he’s a “total softie.”

Jenn and Sam M. on The Bachelorette. Photo via ABC
Disney/John Fleenor

Even before Jenn Tran’s Bachelorette season began, her lineup of suitors generated plenty of discussion online. And when it comes to 27-year-old Sam McKinney, several fans shared the same observation. “For a second I thought this was Juan Pablo,” one viewer commented on Sam’s Instagram introduction; “wait SAME,” replied another, with others noting the similarity throughout the comments.

They’re referring to Juan Pablo Galavis, the controversial Season 18 Bachelor who once made Clare Crawley cry after saying he felt “weird” about their hookup and wouldn’t want his daughter watching — as if it were a shameful transgression, not a mutual decision they made on a dating show.

With that being said, the comparison comments were about Sam’s appearance alone — and only as Jenn’s journey progresses will fans get a true idea of the Season 21 suitor. Until then, here’s a look at Sam M.’s Bachelorette rumors, social media, and more. Spoilers ahead!

He Survived A Major Accident

In Sam’s introduction video, he opens up about walking away from a motorcycle accident that “should have killed [him].” The experience seems to inform his outlook on life — and, of course, on Jenn’s season. “Any opportunity that I get, I’m taking it head on,” he said.

Sam works as a contractor in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. According to his Bachelorette bio, he’s a “total softie” despite his tattoos and muscles.

Disney/Ricky Middlesworth

“He’s always been a relationship guy and says his ‘ultimate dream’ is to be a loving husband and father,” his bio continues, going on to note that cheating is his No. 1 deal-breaker.

Sam’s Instagram is filled with snaps of his family (canine members included) and his active, outdoor-loving lifestyle. His first post after filming The Bachelorette is captioned, “Life lately…. She’s been good to me,” which could certainly be a promising sign about his time on the show.

Of course, if you want something more conclusive, there are reports about Sam’s Bachelorette experience — courtesy of Bachelor Nation’s go-to spoiler provider.

There Are Spoilers About Sam M.

According to Reality Steve, Sam was reportedly spotted filming in Seattle during Jenn’s season. Now, a Bachelor Nation notice confirmed filming in the Emerald City happened on April 21 — which means Sam at least made it several weeks. And on a show that moves as quickly as The Bachelorette, that’s significant!

However, don’t expect Sam to go too much farther than that. Reality Steve reports that Sam does not bring Jenn to his hometown of Myrtle Beach and is not among the final group of men contending for Jenn’s heart.