Selena Gomez’s Grandma Accidentally Spilled Some Tea On Her Love Life

What’s this about “that guy,” Nana?

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Nana knows best. While filming a recent TikTok makeup tutorial, Selena Gomez fielded an unexpected question about her love life — but not from a prying fan. “So, how did you end it with that guy?” her grandmother could be heard asking off camera, clearly catching the singer off guard.

At first playing it cool, a wide-eyed Gomez continued applying her Rare Beauty lip liner and responded, “Uh, I’ll tell you in a second,” before eventually descending into laughter. “Thanks, Nana,” she captioned the original Rare Beauty TikTok post. She added, “I have no words,” when sharing the clip to her personal account on July 22.

Commenters certainly didn’t share Gomez’s loss for words, though. “YEAH SELENA HOW DID U END IT WITH THAT GUY,” one user wrote, while another replied, “nana with the TEA.” Also demanding answers, a third added, “SELENA YOU CANT LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THAT.”

It’s unclear, however, exactly whom Nana was referencing, and Gomez cut the video before spilling the rest of the tea. Though she famously dated The Weeknd and Justin Bieber — and was romantically linked to Chris Evans in several unconfirmed reports from late 2021 — Gomez confirmed she was single during her May 2022 Saturday Night Live monologue. “I’ve heard SNL is a great place to find romance,” she joked. “Since I don’t really want to try the dating apps, I just want to put it in the universe that I’m manifesting love. But at this point, I would take anyone.”

While promoting Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building Season 2 days later, she and co-stars Steve Martin and Martin Short playfully discussed her dating life. Joking that she “must pass every prospective person through” them, Martin quipped to Extra, “So far, we haven’t liked anybody!” After Short interjected that any potential suitor “better be rich,” Gomez added, “Maybe they shouldn’t talk on my behalf.”

In the meantime, the Grammy nominee seems focused on self-love, something that was even reflected in the lip liner she was using when Nana blew up her spot. The beauty product was from Rare Beauty’s Kind Words line, which launched July 7, and features shade names such as “Talented” and “Creative,” among others. “The inspiration was from the little Post-Its I’ve always loved to leave around for myself with positive affirmations — we call them Rare Reminders and they’re notes of self-love,” Gomez explained to Glamour UK in June. “It’s all about using kind words with yourself and with others, and the shades are all-powerful words that you could say to yourself or to a friend.”

Indeed, friendship is another form of non-romantic love she showcased while celebrating her 30th birthday on July 22. Sharing a pair of Instagram photos with Taylor Swift — one true love of her life — Gomez captioned the post, “30, nerdy and worthy.” Regardless of how she ended things with “that guy” Nana mentioned, friends are forever, after all.