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Sean Palmieri Left Selling The OC After Major Season 3 Drama

“The Oppenheim Group was not a culture fit for me.”

‘Selling The OC’: Did Sean Palmieri Leave After Season 3?

The Oppenheim Group’s Orange County offices are going to look very different if Selling the OC returns for a fourth season. Just a month after Tyler Stanaland revealed his departure, his co-star Sean Palmieri announced in November that he was also leaving the O Group, and would no longer be a cast member on Selling the OC.

“After much consideration, I’ve decided to part ways with the Oppenheim Group,” he told People at the time. “I am very excited about this new chapter in my career and eager to embark on a journey that closely aligns with my professional aspirations and personal growth.”

However, his decision came after filming Season 3, which premiered on Netflix on May 3, meaning that Palmieri appears in the latest installment. In fact, the real estate agent gets more involved in the drama in the new episodes, which may have led to his exit. Spoilers for Selling the OC Season 3 ahead.

Sean & Tyler’s Feud

During Season 3, Palmieri clashed with Stanaland about the decline of their friendship, which ended with Stanaland jabbing him for not selling as many homes since joining the O Group. In return, Palmieri shaded him for getting listings from his father, who is also in real estate.

Sean & Austin’s Heated Confrontation

Selling the OC stars Austin Victoria, Sean Palmieri, and Tyler StanalandNetflix

Sean’s beef with Tyler paid was nothing compared to when he accused co-worker Austin Victoria and his wife, Lisa, of attempting to invite him into a threesome. Sean claimed that they had once baked brownies laced with weed and hinted at wanting a possible tryst at their house. The allegations led to an almost physical brawl in the O Group courtyard, with both parties leaving enraged.

The season ended with more confrontations between the three men, in which Palmieri’s former allies said he changed details in his version of the events, which made them question their trust. Before heading their separate ways, Palmieri tells Stanaland, “I didn’t want it to end like this, man,” ironically signaling both of their departures.

Sean’s Post-O Group Job

In a separate statement to Entertainment Tonight, Palmieri stated that the Oppenheim Group “was not a culture fit” for him. As a result, he decided to work again in San Diego, where he first started in the real estate world. He signed on as a partner on real estate “mentor” Steve Games’ new team at Coldwell Banker West.

“Returning to the serene atmosphere of San Diego County, where I first ventured from Florida to California, brings me great joy,” he said. “I’m eager to explore the opportunities that lie ahead for my business and success in this vibrant community.”