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Twitter Is Obsessed With Serene's Brother & Wants Him To Be The Next Bachelor

That accent!

Clayton Echard meet's Serene Russell's parents in hometowns.
John Medland/ABC

Hometowns week has finally arrived during Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, which means he finally got a chance to meet each of the final four women’s families. This included heading to Oklahoma and meeting Serene Russell’s mom and brother. In a preview for the rest of the season, Serene admits to brother Roland Russell that she told Clayton that she was falling in love with him. But Roland seemed dubious of their relationship and how fast it’s moving, telling her, “Yeah, that’s what scares me.”

Serene, a 26-year-old school teacher from Oklahoma City, has proven to be a strong contender late in the game, nabbing two one-on-one dates with Clayton. He seemed to like that Serene was willing to open up: She told him about her insecurities about her body and that she lost her grandmother and her cousin. But as she explained on the Week 5 date, she didn’t grow up with a very emotionally supportive family. “In my family, we don’t really talk about things. That wasn’t my experience as a child,” she said. “We didn’t open up about how we were feeling.” Clayton said he had a similar experience with his own dad but that at least his mom was there for him.

When it comes to her parents, Serene hasn’t revealed much. Serene’s parents divorced when she was 2 years old, as she revealed during the episode. But beyond that, it’s hard to tell what kind of relationship Serene has had with her parents — or stepparents — as she doesn’t post anything about her family on social media. She did reveal to Clayton that she’s only ever brought home one man, her high school boyfriend. “So the last time my parents met anybody, they were meeting a teenager,” she said with a laugh.

Even if Serene didn’t grow up seeing her parents have a happy marriage, it does seem she’s driven to have her own, hopefully with Clayton. As the second man that Serene is bringing home, Clayton certainly has a lot to live up to, especially in her brother’s eyes. During the episode, Twitter fell in love with Roland — with several praising his accent and expressing their hopes that he be named the next Bachelor.

Beyond Roland, there are some hints on social media that Serene’s parents are still rooting for her regardless of how her Bachelor journey turns out. In 2021, Serene’s dad, Bobby, shared an image on Facebook of Serene on the cover of the Oklahoma Gazette with the caption “Nice work Serene!” “I bet your dad is proud,” he told her in a comment.