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BBC One's New Crime Drama Has Complex Real Life Origins

Sherwood will feature stars from The Walking Dead & The Crown.

'Sherwood' on BBC One
BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire

BBC One’s new six-part series Sherwood tells the tale of two shocking killings that tear a community apart and lead to a pulse-racing manhunt. The drama is inspired in part by on real-life and stars some very recognisable faces. Keep reading to find out everything we know so far about Sherwood.

Sherwood Release Date

The BBC has announced that Sherwood – which was written and created by James Graham – will be made up of six episodes so there should be plenty of plot to sink your teeth into. A release date is yet to be confirmed but filming has officially begun, so hopefully that means we’ll see it sometime next year.

Sherwood Plot

Sherwood is set in the Nottinghamshire mining village where Graham grew up. “The contemporary six-part drama for BBC One sees two shocking and unexpected murders shatter an already fractured community leading to one of the largest manhunts in British history,” reads the official synopsis. “Suspicion is rife and the tragic murders threaten to inflame historic divisions sparked during the Miners’ Strike that tore families apart three decades before.”

The new series will also explore policing and controversial police tactics such as the use of of so-called “spycops.” Local police inspector Ian St Clair is forced to reunite with Kevin Salisbury from the Met and the two must bury their decades-old rivalry in order to catch the killer.

Sherwood Cast

There’s little surprise that the promise of a manhunt, neighbourhood drama, and a tense plot twist has attracted some of the biggest names in British TV. The Walking Dead’s David Morrissey takes on the lead role of Detective Chief Superintendent Ian St Clair. A police officer who has dedicated his life to the local area and the people that live in it, St Clair also has a personal connection to the crimes. However, when he’s forced to work with an old rival things almost fall apart.

That old rival, Detective Inspector Kevin Salisbury, will be played by Robert Glenister. Glenister is a seasoned crime drama actor, having appeared in Hustle, Spooks, and Law and Order UK. In this new role, he must face his past and prove to the community that he wants to solve the crime.

Alun Armstrong joins the cast as one of the miners who stood on the picket lines and remembers the harm done years before and Lesley Manville his wife. Manville is an Academy Award nominee and was recently confirmed to be replacing Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret in season five of The Crown.

Raised By Wolves’ Philip Jackson takes on the role of Mickey Sparrow who finds himself under the intense scrutiny of law enforcement when they start looking for suspects.

Bridgerton’s Lorraine Ashbourne, Perry Fitzpatrick from Line Of Duty, and Downton Abbey’s Kevin Doyle and Joanne Froggatt make up some of the other characters within the community who are slowly turning on one another.