Tayshia's Instagram Return May Have Clues About Her Time As Bachelorette

"It's been a minute."

Tayshia's Instagram Return May Have Clues About Her Time As Bachelorette
Paul Archuleta/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After weeks of suspicious social media silence, Tayshia Adams returned to Instagram, reportedly having finished filming The Bachelorette — but fans' search for clues about her relationship status has just begun. The 30-year-old shared a selfie on her Instagram Story on Thursday, September 10, just over a month after she last posted on her social media account. Tayshia herself acknowledged her absence from the platform in her caption, writing, "it's been a minute."

In addition to marking the end of her quarantine in Palm Springs, where the current season of The Bachelorette was being filmed, Tayshia's selfie also caused some speculation amongst fans that she was dropping hints about her relationship status. "Why is there a bee on her nose?" one Reddit user asked after Tayshia shared her photo, which inspired fans to question whether or not it was a clue about her final choice — "Be[e] for Bennett?" one user suggested, referring to one of the men reportedly competing for her affections — while another speculated that Tayshia was simply hiding a blemish.

The former phlebotomist sparked even more debate shortly afterwards, by sharing a series of videos from her dinner at Nobu in her hometown of Newport Beach, California. "Nothing like home," she wrote, while her dining companion poured her a glass of white wine. Before fans got too worked up about Tayshia's posts, however, she revealed her mystery companion to be her "best friend" later in her Instagram Story.

Unfortunately for most Bachelorette fans, there's not enough evidence in Tayshia's Instagram posts to offer a great deal of insight about whether or not she's gotten her happy ending. Of course, even if Tayshia is engaged, she isn't allowed to share the happy news — or even hint at it — on social media until the finale of her season finally airs. In March 2018, Kaitlyn Bristowe told Entertainment Tonight that once filming wraps, the Bachelor or Bachelorette gets to have a "Happy Couple Weekend" to spend some quality time with their final choice, but there is an incredible amount of secrecy involved.

"[The Bachelorette and their partner] are in a house with really tall bushes everywhere, so people can't see in," Bristowe explained. "Producers come because they really want to make sure you're not leaving the house, because you have to hide there." She added that producers "load up the house" with groceries and activities to prevent the couple from leaving, and transportation to and from the house involves "black SUVs" and "alias names." All in all, the entire thing is kept completely private, in order to avoid spoiling the Bachelor or Bachelorette's ending for fans.

However, not only is Tayshia theoretically hiding her final choice from the public eye, she also has not yet publicly confirmed that she was even the franchise's lead to begin with. On Aug. 3, multiple outlets reported that Tayshia would replace Clare Crawley as the Bachelorette, after the hairstylist reportedly found love early on with former NFL player Dale Moss and decided to leave the show.

Despite multiple reports about Tayshia taking over as the lead — and paparazzi photos of her at the Palm Springs resort where Clare's season was filming — nobody involved with ABC or the Bachelorette franchise has officially confirmed the twist.