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How To Follow The Cabins Contestants On Instagram

The new ITV2 reality series is now in full swing.

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With the announcement that Love Island will not be returning to our screens until at least summer 2021, we’ve been left with a dating show-shaped hole in our winter TV schedule. Luckily, ITV2 has addressed the issue, with a suitably romance-filled alternative: The Cabins. Comedian Maisie Adams narrates the new reality TV series, which is set in – yes, you guessed it – some cosy looking log cabins. As we've seen in previous series of Love Island, those who appear in the show soon become famous faces after it wraps. Your first point of call to be ahead of the fame game? The Instagram accounts of The Cabins contestants, which are skyrocketing in numbers of followers as soon as each person appears on our TV screens.

The show takes place in the three romantic cabins, which are decked out with fairy lights, snug sofas, and their very own jacuzzis. Contestants stay with their selected partner in the cabins for 24 hours, choosing to stay for longer if they get on. For the first time in ITV dating show history, the show also features a same-sex couple.

Settling into the luxury cabins, located somewhere in the UK countryside, the 12 initial contestants have gradually grown in number – you can find out a little bit more about all of them, below. Follow them on Instagram for a preview of what to expect in The Cabins, which airs every week night at 9 p.m. on ITV2.

Abraham Bunga

21-year-old Abraham is an architecture student from East London. Labelling himself as a "comedian" on his Instagram profile, Bunga regularly shares his hilarious TikTok sketches to nearly 9,000 Instagram followers.

Holly Burns

Makeup artist, influencer and air hostess Holly’s already enormous 90k following is sure to grow exponentially once she hits our screens in The Cabins. The 23-year-old has her selfie game down to a fine art.

Mamudo Dabo

Perhaps 23-year-old footballer and football coach Mamudo hopes to woo a potential partner with his cooking skills? Or maybe it's the multiple languages he speaks? Either way, the Liverpudlian is sure to be a big hit with the other contestants.

Robyn Darbyshire

Some viewers may recognise 26-year-old, Doncaster-born Robyn as she appeared on ITV2’s Singletown last year. Hopefully the Chelsea FC fan will find someone this time around to take her on a date to Stamford Bridge?

Sarah Hutchinson

Model, actress and fitness coach Sarah has a massive 10k following on Instagram. The 26-year-old from Blackpool regularly shares fitness tips, and behind-the-scenes clips of her work as a Murder Mystery actress. Fun!

Charlotte Taundry

Charlotte from Staffordshire describes herself as a "Traveller. Ops Manager. Coffee Queen. Gothic Barbie. Tour Guide Carbie. Story Teller. Giver of TMI." It appears she's previously worked as part of British Airway's cabin crew, which would explain all the amazing pictures she's posted from far-flung locations. She's also not afraid of a mirror selfie or two.

Sofia Myers

Sofia is a model and the winner of the 2019 Miss Diamond UK pageant. She's also the director of Miss Drag UK, a charity Drag Pageant, and a talented illustrator, too.

Olivia Precious

Hull girl Olivia, 23, seems very into fashion, going by her Instagram page and her account on 21 Buttons, a social network dedicated entirely to OOTDs and style tips.

Joel Joshua Rees

Joel describes himself as a "positive influencer" and has already appeared on ITV2's Dress To Impress. However, by the looks of his Instagram, he appears to spend most of his time shirtless...

Tom Maude

Tom is 26 and living in Leeds. He's a property investor and self-described "fitness enthusiast." As expected, there are one or two posts about "leg day" and working out on Tom's account.

William Mcgregor

From the looks of his Instagram account, William seems to enjoy partying in his hometown, London, and abroad too.

Jess Evans

Jess' Instagram is all about bright colours, "taking the piss", and celebrating all things Disney. Jess even has a Mickey Mouse degree from the University of Disney. Now that's commitment. Plus she runs another account,, a foodie account where write tongue-in-cheek reviews.


s Terelle is pretty quiet on Instagram, with only 13 posts on his grid. The software developer does however have a fair few story highlights that followers can scroll through to find out about his time modelling and acting, as well as his favourite books, his OOTDs, and more.

Amàni Bouri

London-based Amàni works in PR, and her Insta is full of enviably looking parties and holidays. Plus she's definitely one to follow if you're looking for fashion inspo.


Corben's Instagram mainly contains selfies, shots of his tattoos, and pics of his adorable puppy Gigi, who actually has her own Instagram account for you to follow too. Gigi entered Beaver’s Burrow with Corben, where the two met Rhys.

Rhys-David Jones

Rhys is another Cabins contestant with a penchant for big tattoos, and he likes to show them off via Instagram. Along with that, you'll find pictures of his cat, his nephew, and the great outdoors.

Charlotte Hill

Charlotte is a model, signed with M Models, Base, and MOT, according to her Instagram. Her page includes lots of shots from her modelling jobs, plus a few selfies here and there, and pictures from trips out with her friends.

Remi Palmer

Mechanical engineer Remi describes himself on his Instagram as a "skipper of leg day, lover of stuff and doer of things." We're not sure about the former, but the latter is definitely obvious from his pictures that show him travelling the world, going to festivals, and hanging out with friends and family.

Nathan Anthony

Things come in threes on Nathan's Instagram (check out his page, you'll see what we mean) and he shares a lot of images from his modelling shoots. He also has a Youtube page, which you can check out here.

Alex Hanson

Alex runs her own cocktail business, The Cocktail Vibe, but mainly uses her personal page to shares photos of her life in London and her trips with friends.

Jordan Kyte

Jordan, 21, is a very busy bee on social media. Not only does he keep his 6,000+ followers up to date on his personal account, he also runs a beauty account called heyitsimplyglambyjordanmakeup. Plus there's his two other social media pages, Social Clothing and SCRBL LTD.

Eden Ousby

Eden is a professional dancer, and she mainly uses her Instagram page to share videos from her dance classes. Plus there a few cute selfies.

Ashleigh Ridding

Bristol-based Ashleigh likes to post photos of her and her friends on her personal page but she also runs an account with her sister where they post about their work in modelling, dancing, and promo work.

Stuart Walter

Stuart is also based in Bristol and his grid is full of outdoorsy activities – think surfing, cycling, and hiking.

Loviisa Aleksandra Partanen

Loviisa hails from Finland, and is currently studying to be a chiropractor at the University of South Wales in Cardiff. She says she's not worried about dating on screen, and although she's not a frequent poster on Instagram, she does look pretty comfortable on camera.

Yani Duka

A 26-year-old card machine merchant from Suffolk, Yani's Instagram looks like one long holiday with his mates. His celeb crush? "Margot Robbie."

April Banbury

Not only is April a former Ms Great Britain and a fashion designer, she's also a trainee pilot. On her Instagram, you can see what she gets up to in all three roles plus some cute holiday snaps and fitness posts.

Clint Lewis

Fitness coach Clint is all about (you guessed it) fitness on his Instagram. Plus you can spot one or two photos of him with his adorable dogs.


26-year-old model consultant Katrina only has 14 posts on her Instagram, but they do offer a few glimpses into her life. Her most recent post, for example, features an adorable pup and a book about astrology.

Ryan Darvill

Ryan is a model at Established Models and his grid is packed full of sexy shots on set and off. Plus a fair few enviable holidays in Australia, Bali, and more.

Liam Endicott

Lovely Liam has only a few photos on his grid, showing off his holidays around Europe and time spent with his pals.

Adebayo Kargbo

Adebayo is all about friends and family on his grid, with plenty of snaps from parties in London, Portugal and beyond – plus a few pictures of his fitness journey.

The Cabins continues week nights at 9 p.m. on ITV2.

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