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The Crown Fans Predict How The Royal Drama Will Come To An End

Reddit is convinced the show will conclude with a major royal death.

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The sixth and final chapter of Netflix’s The Crown will depict the royal family’s history between the late 1990s and mid-2000s. While this especially turbulent era for the British monarchy will be fresh in the memory of some viewers, that hasn’t deterred fans from theorizing the royal drama’s conclusion.

Major storylines confirmed to be featured in The Crown Season 6 include the death of Princess Diana in the summer of 1997. However, some fans on Reddit are convinced they’ve figured out how the show might end, despite viewer speculation not quite aligning with the royal timeline.

Fans Predict A Tragic Ending

Noting how earlier seasons put particular focus on the up-and-down relationship of Queen Elizabeth II and her younger sister, Princess Margaret, one Redditor suggested that the latter’s death would make for a fitting conclusion.

“They have woven the power struggles of their relationship into the show so well, and long before Elizabeth had the role of Queen, her biggest issues were always related to Margaret,” the user wrote, claiming that ending The Crown with Margaret’s death would be a “full circle moment.”

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Others agreed that the death of the Queen’s younger sibling would make sense for the show’s conclusion, crediting Margaret as “one of the best characters.”

It’s worth noting, however, that the 2005 wedding of King Charles and Queen Camilla is also confirmed to be featured in the series, therefore the death of Princess Margaret (which occurred three years earlier in 2002) is unlikely to close out the royal drama.

Fans Will See A Royal Wedding

Charles and Camilla’s nuptials would be an ideal ending for other fans on Reddit, with one claiming that a wedding finale would signify “how the position of the royal family has shifted in favor of marrying for love after generations of forced loveless marriages.”

Given the show will reportedly take viewers up until the mid-2000s, the King and Queen’s wedding may well be what wraps up The Crown — but fans should expect Princess Margaret to be featured heavily in Season 6, considering her active role in the British monarchy.

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Born in August 1930, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon was the only sister of Queen Elizabeth II, whom she supported with many royal duties. Margaret welcomed two children with her husband Antony Armstrong-Jones, son Lord Linley and daughter Lady Sarah Chatto. In 2002, she died at the age of 71.

In The Crown, Princess Margaret was portrayed by Vanessa Kirby during the drama’s first two seasons, while Helena Bonham Carter took over the role for Seasons 3 and 4. Oscar-nominated actor Lesley Manville played the late royal in The Crown’s fifth series and will do so again in the show’s final chapter.

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