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All The Golden Bachelor Spoilers From Gerry Turner’s Season

“I’m going to get to the end and find a charming, intelligent, gorgeous woman to spend the rest of my life with,” the lead said in a recent interview.

The 'Golden Bachelor' cast. Photo via ABC
ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

This fall, Gerry Turner embarks upon a new journey for love after loss — and it’s sure to be an emotional one. Six years after the unexpected death of his wife and high school sweetheart, Toni, the first-ever Golden Bachelor will hand out roses to a pool of 22 women ranging from 60 to 75 years old.

It’s safe to say the first season of The Golden Bachelor will be unlike anything viewers have seen from Bachelor Nation so far. However, there is one time-honored franchise tradition that fans can count on: spoilers.

Yes, just like you scoured social media for clues about Charity Lawson or Zach Shallcross’ respective Bachelorette and Bachelor seasons, there are plenty of Golden Bachelor spoilers out there — courtesy of Bachelor Nation’s go-to commentator and leak provider, Reality Steve. So, what does Gerry’s season have in store?

First of all, things moved quickly. The first hint of The Golden Bachelor’s expedited timeline was in the episode runtime — which will be one hour instead of the usual two, seemingly suggesting there would be less material to air. Jesse Palmer shared on Instagram that filming had begun by the first week of August, and Reality Steve writes that the final rose ceremony (in Costa Rica!) was set for Aug. 31. This would mean filming took place within the span of just one month.

Gerry touched on the fast pace of his season in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, which was conducted via Zoom during production. “It’s been a whirlwind,” he told the paper. “The activity is coming at me much faster than I expected. I tried to ramp myself up but I didn’t do a good enough job of it. There’s wonderful women here that I have had the pleasure to know but I’ve needed to get to know them in a hurry. That was unexpected. I thought there would be more time for in-depth and casual conversations.”

Despite the swift process, it seems Gerry was able to forge meaningful connections with several women. According to Reality Steve, Gerry goes on three hometown dates: with fitness instructor Leslie Fhima, high school teacher Faith Martin, and financial services professional Theresa Nist.

And the final two women who accompany Gerry to Costa Rica are reportedly — dramatic rose ceremony music, please — Leslie and Theresa.

Reality Steve hasn’t reported on Gerry’s final rose recipient — but if the Golden Bachelor’s personal outlook is any indicator, you can likely expect a happy ending.

“Believe me, I’m committed to the journey and am an eternal optimist when it comes to this,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “I’m going to get to the end and find a charming, intelligent, gorgeous woman to spend the rest of my life with.”