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The First Golden Bachelor Is Gerry Turner, A 71-Year-Old Grandpa & Widower

His journey for love starts this fall.

Gerry Turner, the Golden Bachelor. Photo via ABC
ABC/Brian Bowen Smith

After years of anticipation about the senior Bachelor spinoff, the new show is right around the corner — and ABC just revealed who will be embarking on a first-of-its-kind journey for love this fall. A new teaser introduced Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner with a series of dad jokes: “He posts his thirst traps in a leather-bound album. His DMs have postage. He gets the early-bird special any time he wants. If you call him, he’ll answer the phone. He doesn’t have gray hair; he has wisdom highlights. Florida wants to retire and move to him.”

But beyond the playful introduction, Gerry has quite an emotional backstory. Here’s everything to know about the new Golden Bachelor’s family, favorite hobbies, and what he’s looking for in a partner.

Gerry Turner’s Wife & Family

As Gerry told Good Morning America on July 17, he enjoyed 43 years of marriage with his high-school sweetheart, Toni, before she passed away in 2017. “She got robbed,” he said. “Every day that goes by, that’s the thought I have.”

The couple shared two daughters, Angie and Jenny — and Gerry, now 71, said they were “screaming” when they found out he’d lead The Golden Bachelor. The exciting opportunity wasn’t without ambivalence, though, and Gerry consulted his late wife for guidance. “I have her picture on a dresser in my closet,” he said. “Every morning, I give her the nod, ‘So what do you think about this?’ For a while, it was like I was having a hard time figuring out if she would be OK. But we always told each other, when one of us goes, we want the other one to be happy.”

Gerry also has two granddaughters, Charlee and Payton.

Gerry Turner’s Job

According to an ABC press release, Gerry is a retired restauranteur — but food is still a major part of his life! In addition to exploring local restaurants with his family, Gerry often hosts barbecues at his “dream house,” which is located on a lake in Indiana.

His future partner would ideally be “fairly competitive” and enjoy playing pickleball or golf, he told Good Morning America.

Gerry Turner’s Instagram

Any time there’s a casting announcement in the Bachelor/ette world, fans usually flock to social media for clues about the suitor’s life — but as you might expect, the first Golden Bachelor isn’t necessarily posting up a storm. And that’s OK! The show’s official Instagram account follows what seems to be Gerry’s new profile, @goldengerryturner, where he had one post as of July 17. “Hi, I’m Gerry, the first golden bachelor. 😁,” he wrote. “I’m ready for this journey to begin.”