Here's Why You Recognise The Haunting Of Bly Manor's Flora

Her voice will be very familiar to anyone who spends time with toddlers.

There's just something especially creepy about children in horror stories, right? But the little girl in The Haunting Of Bly Manor may seem a little less creepy when you find out that she's also the voice of the Peppa Pig. Yes, really. We're shooketh.

If you're yet to watch the follow-up to Netflix's Haunting Hill series, Amelie Bea Smith stars as orphan Flora Wingrove, a spooky little girl with an even spookier dollhouse (it's always the dolls). The nine-year-old actor has been praised for her chilling performance in the actor.

However, fans of the Netflix show were shocked to find out that Smith is no stranger to television – although her previous work is in an entirely different genre. It turns out that Smith has been voicing the beloved cartoon piglet Peppa Pig in the latest season, having taken over the role of the famous farmyard animal from Harley Bird earlier this year.

And the internet can't quite cope.

"Oh my god the little girl in Haunting of Bly Manor is PEPPA PIG I can’t process this information," tweeted one fan.

Another tweeted: "Amelie Bea Smith voicing Peppa Pig while being creepy in a horror show is really cute."

"My 6-year-old was walking past the room and asked if I was watching Peppa. I was like what? Now I know why she was talking about that," wrote one Haunting Of Bly Manor fan.

As previously mentioned, Smith has been celebrated for her chilling performance but some have teased that her character overuses the phrase "perfectly splendid."

Ever wondered how a kid manages to star in horror movies without getting spooked? Well, when speaking to People magazine, Smith said that she doesn't know the whole story of The Haunting of Bly Manor.

"I still don’t know the whole story, but I’m not allowed to watch all of it when it comes out because I think I’ll be scared," she said. "But, I did have to still ask a few questions about how I should play this [scene] in the first bit because I didn’t know much about it.”