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The Split Writer Has Plans For A Spinoff

The Defoes may return after all.

'The Split' Writer Has Plans For A Spinoff

By now, you’ve probably heard the current season of The Split, season 3, will be its final season. But don’t let the disappointment sink in just yet, because, there’s a strong likelihood that a spin-off series is on the way. Speaking in a new interview, writer Abi Morgan confirmed that there are “more stories to be told” when it comes to the Defoes.

Speaking to Radio Times, Morgan also confirmed that she’s keen to work with the original cast again. Leaving us on a cliffhanger, saying “watch this space,” she added, “I'm sure there'll be more information about that very soon.”

I really love those actors. I'm definitely hoping I get to work with them again,” she said. So, it’s not too presumptuous to expect at least a chunk of the original cast back for the spin-off. As for the plot? Well, she hinted at the “divorce world” possibly remaining as the backdrop for the new show, too. “I think we know that there's a real audience and appetite for this world. And certainly the world of divorce law, which is just infinitely exciting and fascinating. And there are just more stories to be told. So fingers crossed."

But, there’s been no official word of cast details, yet. Or clues as to which Defoe sisters, and other characters, will return for the The Split spin-off. Maybe the best pointers will come from the final season itself.

The third and final season of The Split returned on Apr. 4, opening with Hannah Stern (Nicola Walker) and Nathan Stern’s (Stephen Mangan) divorce proceedings. And there’s someone new on the scene, Nathan’s new girlfriend Kate, played by Skins and True Blood’s Laura Pulver.