Fans Are Absolutely Convinced That Folklore & Evermore Are Part Of A Trilogy

TS10 might be coming sooner than you thought.

by Jordyn Tilchen and Jessica Wang
ACMA2020/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift has called Folklore and Evermore "sister albums," but is it possible that they're triplets? Not only are fans absolutely convinced that Folklore and Evermore are part of an elaborate trilogy, but Swifties also believe that the third and final installment of the singer's sad cottagecore narrative will be titled Woodvale. Before you evoke that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia conspiracy theory meme with an unkempt Charlie Day, though, you'll want to take a look at the compelling Twitter receipts first.

For starters, Swift's affinity for Easter eggs has been well documented, and this flare for secret clues is certainly helped by the fact that her fans have analytical skills on par with the FBI. Swifties have taken it upon themselves to decode clues (social media posts, album art, etc.) from both Folklore and Evermore that all point to a TS10. Perhaps one of the more prominent theories at the moment dates back to the era of Swift's seventh studio album, Lover. In the music video for "Lover," there's a house filled with 10 rooms — and fans believe the rooms represent all 10 albums and her musical journey.

So, where the heck does Woodvale come from? After the debut of Folklore, many noted that the word "Woodvale" sits atop the right-hand corner of the hide-and-seek deluxe CD edition of the alternate cover. It isn't clear upon first glance, but upon zoomed-in inspection, the white lettering is clear as day. Some noticed the Easter egg after Folklore's debut, while others caught the clue post-Evermore, citing Swift's "the story continues" language in her announcement for "Willow" as the ultimate hint that she has more to tell.

Another theory, however, does evoke the conspiracy meme just a tiny bit. One Twitter user noted that the alignment of the tracks on Folklore and Evermore could be indicative of a final installment. The tracks in Folklore are centered, whereas the tracks in Evermore are spaced to the left. "What if there's a third album the tracks are in the right?" the Twitter user mused.

In any case, there's a growing consensus among those on Twitter that TS10 could drop sometime next year — perhaps February or March.

TS10 might be coming, folks. ... Are you ready for it?