Taylor Swift's New "Lover" Music Video Will Leave Fans Seriously Swooning

by Kristie Rohwedder

Lover is in the air. On Thursday, Aug. 22, just hours before releasing her album of the same name, Taylor Swift’s “Lover” music video dropped on YouTube following a live-stream. Unsurprisingly, the music video that goes along with the lovey-dovey ballad that Swift recently released on Friday, Aug. 16 is quite romantic. The video, which Swift co-directed with Drew Kirsch, brings the track's lyrics to life in a super fun, color-filled way.

The video begins with a little girl looking at a snow globe on Christmas morning, which contains the most colorful house you ever did see. The camera zooms out and that same house is where the bulk of the video takes place as Swift and her love interest, played by Christian Owen, build a life together. From a fishbowl pool in the bathroom to instruments in the living room (and a giant cat painting on the wall), it's like a rainbow-themed Barbie dream house. Of course, there are ups and downs throughout the video, but they're cushioned by plenty of swoon-worthy moments too.

Without giving too much away, things come full circle at the end and you learn exactly who that little girl with the snow globe is supposed to be. Warning: Prepare to shed some happy tears.

Since the lyrics are so romantic, there was a popular fan theory before its release that the music video for “Lover” would actually turn out to be a suprise wedding video for Swift and Joe Alwyn, or some type of engagement announcement. But nope, that was not the case, so as Swift would say herself, "You need to calm down."

Sure, the song's lyrics sure did hint that something wedding-y may or may not be on the horizon. Take the "Lover" bridge:

"Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand?
With every guitar string scar on my hand
I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover
My heart's been borrowed and yours has been blue"

And sure, Alwyn and Swift are notoriously private, but it would be quite the 180 for their relationship if they were like, "lol we got hitched" in a music video. Still, that did not stop fans from ruling out the possibility of Swift announcing a marriage/engagement in a music video.

"What's that over there in the distance?" fans asked as they listened to "Lover" for the zillionth time last Friday. "Could it be the sound of wedding bells nestled in Jack Antonoff's production?"

"Or engagement bells, perhaps?"

Again, it was a lovely thought, but not grounded in reality. Now that the video has dropped, those theorists have changed their tune and instead shifted to gushing over the perfectly colorful vid.

Now that the "Lover" video is here, there are only a few more hours left until the Lover album arrives at midnight. And there are plenty of Easter eggs scattered throughout the video to keep fans occupied in the meantime. Let even more theorizing begin.

Additional reporting by Jamie Primeau.