A Full Recap Of Where Top Boy Is At Ahead Of The New Season

Dushane, Sully, & Jamie are back.

Ashley Walters as Dushane in 'Top Boy'

It’s been quite a while since the last season of Top Boy landed on our screens – three years, to be precise. A pre-lockdown watch which may have felt like a lifetime ago now, but Top Boy season four’s release is imminent, so here’s a refresher on everything that happened in season three of Top Boy.

Quick word on the seasons, though: when Netflix picked up the Channel 4 show, it renamed the first two seasons as Top Boy: Summerhouse, named after the fictional Hackney estate where the drama unfolds, per RadioTimes. So technically, if you are watching on Netflix now, this new season will be listed as season two of Top Boy, even though it is technically season four.

Technicalities aside, the new season picks up exactly where we left off: with drug kingpin Dushane (played by Ashley Walters) returning from exile to reclaim his place in the London drug market and his former partner Gerard ‘Sully’ Sullivan (Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson) attempting to keep a low profile and turn his life around. Read on for a refresher on everything that happened in season three of Top Boy.

Dushane Is Back – & In Trouble

As previously stated, the previous season ended with the jaw-dropping reveal that junkies Sarah (Isla Jackson-Ritchie) and Lee (Josef Altin) are undercover police officers investigating Summerhouse gang leader Dushane. It’s then revealed that the police know a lot more about what Dushane has been up to than previously thought. The camera cuts to the police’s evidence board, where Dushane is referred to as “Top Boy”, revealing many of his connections and secret info.

Is Sully Out Of The Game Now?

​At the end of the series, Sully and Dushane’s friendship appears to be strained, as Sully is suffering with PTSD after his protégé and friend Jason (Richy Smarts) is tragically killed in a house fire. We see Sully and Dushane arguing before Sully leaves to watch his ex-girlfriend pick up their daughter from school, breaking down in tears after seeing them. Is he out of the game for good, then?

Modie Is No More

With the help of Sully’s cousin, Jermaine (Ashley Thomas), central antagonist Modie (played by rapper Dave) manages to escape from police custody and regain control of the London Fields gang. After an attempted ambush of Dushane and Sully, Modie visits a backstreet doctor to get treatment for his eye, which was badly burned in a prison attack. He was then shot and killed in a stand-off with the police.

Jamie Has A Big Decision To Make

Jamie (Michael Ward) is the leader of the London Fields gang while Modie is in prison. His youngest brother, Stefan (Araloyin Oshunremi), is betrayed by his best friend Ats (Keiyon Cook), who begins working for London Fields’ rival Dushane. Dushane orders Ats to betray Stefan and plant a bag of guns and drugs in Jamie’s flat.

To protect his brother, Jamie takes the blame for the guns and ends up being sentenced to 20 years in prison. To our surprise, we see Dushane paying Jamie a visit in prison. Dushane has a proposition for Jamie – if he agrees to work for him, Dushane will secure his release from prison…

Top Boy season four is streaming on Netflix from March 18.