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The New Unsolved Mysteries Podcast Promises To Have The "Same Eerie Resonance" As Netflix's Show

You should probably listen with the lights on.

'Unsolved Mysteries' begins in podcast form Feb. 17. Photo via Cadence13

In a period of true crime saturation, an early pioneer in the genre is returning to viewers (or, rather, listeners) in podcast form. The new Unsolved Mysteries podcast drops on Feb. 17 and will follow in the footsteps of its long-running predecessor, the show that started in 1987 and was recently rebooted on Netflix. This time around, listeners can expect a new narrator, Steve French aka the promo voice of The Mandalorian. French will imbue the show with the "same eerie resonance" fans have come to enjoy. Of course, there will also be even more stories to explore in the realm of crime and paranormal happenings.

“These are all-new stories of terrifying abductions, bizarre paranormal encounters, heinous killers, and unexplained deaths," says French in an audio trailer for the podcast. Each week will focus on a different mystery, told via narration as well as experts and people close to the cases being shared. As French puts it, they're "stranger-than-fiction testimonies that challenge your perception of reality."

But this isn't just true crime and spooky stories for the sake of a thrill. Like the TV series that precedes it, the Unsolved Mysteries podcast will feature calls to action at the end of each installment. This way, listeners have a chance to provide any information they may have to help crack these cases and bolster the series' impressive track record for solving the unsolved. "Of the more than 1,300 mysteries profiled in over 230 episodes — spanning murders and unexplained deaths, missing persons, wanted fugitives, UFOs, ghosts, mysterious creatures, missing heirs, lost loves, amnesia, fraud, arson, and treasure — up to 260 cases have been solved, including the capture of wanted fugitives," according to a statement for the new season.

You can listen to Unsolved Mysteries on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you prefer to access your podcasts.