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Meet The Woman Who Listed Her Job As "Queen" On The Bachelor

Chris Harrison swears you're going to love her.

Victoria from 'The Bachelor' Season 25
ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Bachelor has had some pretty absurd job titles over the years, but they've never had a "queen." That honor belongs to Matt James' contestant Victoria Larson, whose ABC bio says she's "outgrown her 'once upon a time' jetsetter lifestyle but not her sense of grandeur."

The 27-year-old Los Angeles resident also describes herself as having "no filter" and says she has "plans to be very forward in her pursuit of Matt" — which, knowing The Bachelor, will almost certainly cause drama with the other women. But at least it will be enjoyable for those of us watching from home. "I’m not going to oversell this, I’m not going too deep into this, I’m just going to say you’re going to enjoy Queen Victoria," host Chris Harrison teased in a live video announcing the cast.

Get to know more about Victoria below.

Victoria's Job

When she's not busy with her so-called royal duties, Queen Victoria (who also goes by Vikki) is an actor, health coach, and entrepreneur. She's the founder of Vikki Larson Beauty, which sells self-care products as well as offers spray tanning, health coaching, and pilates. As of publication, Victoria was charging $250 for a health coaching session and $800 for a 21-day detox program.

Victoria explains on her website that her passion "for all things health and wellness" began while she was attending college at Florida State University. "I struggled with counting calories, excessive working out and finally came to [an] equilibrium," she writes. "My desire to help others and my education from Institute for Integrative Nutrition through NYU, along with my personal journey of getting physically, spiritually, and mentally healthy in addition to my pilates [certification] makes me the perfect health coach. My ultimate goal is to help each client find balance and joy in their life."

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Victoria's Instagram

Victoria is already embracing her "Queen Victoria" role on The Bachelor, sharing a collection of memes people made of her on Instagram. "HAHA these kill me," she wrote in a Dec. 28 post. She typically uses her social media accounts to promote her businesses and spread positive messages, as meditation and spirituality seem to play a large role in her life. Her toy golden doodle, Coco Puff, also has an Instagram page.

What Victoria's Looking For

Victoria's bio says she "needs a strong man who can keep up but who won’t be controlling in any way, shape or form." She's a self-described lover of romance, and is looking for someone who's loyal, honest, and independent.