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Chasen's Friends Completely Roasted Him For Being On The Bachelorette

Chasen went on The Bachelorette and all he got was five embarrassing T-shirts with his face on them.

by Mary Kate McGrath
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Chasen from 'The Bachelorette' via the ABC press site

After what appears to be an incredibly chaotic season of The Bachelorette, Chasen is relaxing at home in San Diego. Despite a fairly dramatic limo entrance — he showed up in full knight's armor — Chasen seems more chill IRL. He likes long walks on the beach, watching The Bachelorette with friends, and spending quality time with his dog, who is seemingly the only woman in his life right now.

Since filming for The Bachelorette wrapped, Chasen has only posted a few photos on Instagram. Alongside a Sept. 27 picture shared of him by the ocean, he wrote "It’s Sunday, football is back, the waves are firing, and it’s been a beautiful weekend." He added a sweet message for followers, writing, "⁣I hope everyone has a good day."

The 31-year-old IT executive also seems excited to be watching The Bachelorette at home. In October, he posted a photo of him watching the show with his friends, in which all six of them wore T-shirts with his face printed on it. "Can always count on my boys to roast me 'right,'" he wrote, adding: "Chris Harrison, did my aftershave really smell that bad?"

Chasen has also continued to promote the show captioning a recent Instagram post, "watch me battle for Clare’s heart — you might even see me shed my armor." He added a sweet message about getting butterflies around Clare, writing, "Gotta say, that was one of the most nerve-racking experiences (isn’t she stunning) of my life!"

It seems unlikely that he ends up with Clare after the show, but hey, at least he got five embarrassing T-shirts with his face on them.

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