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Bachelorette Frontrunner Dale Moss Keeps Hinting At His Status With Clare

His social media is a gold mine.

Dale and Clare on The Bachelorette via the ABC press site
Craig Sjodin/ABC

The Bachelorette barely started filming this summer when reports surfaced suggesting that Clare Crawley quit the show. In August, she was rumored to have left the remaining contestants behind mid-season to explore her relationship with frontrunner Dale Moss. And while he's never explicitly confirmed it, Dale's been dropping hints since the show wrapped that the two may be happily in love.

To be fair, Dale seems like a generally positive and upbeat guy. Still, he has to know what he's doing when he teases his followers with vague social media captions that may or may not be about his love life. In his first tweet after filming, he wrote, "God is good all the time!" In another tweet from September, he wrote, "Prayer works!" Dale also posted a selfie on Instagram last month with the caption, "A lot to smile about these days!"

If you're wondering what he was so happy about, we're right there with you. Could it be that Dale is potentially engaged to Clare? Regardless of whether or not the theories are true, his good attitude and cheerful captions aren't doing much to quell the rumors.

"I've taken time to reflect on a lot of things this year and I couldn't be more excited for everything ahead," he wrote in another post. "The best is yet to come." Now, he could be talking about his plans for his career and brand — which he's very serious about. On the other hand, he could also be hinting that all the pieces of his life are finally coming together, love included.

Dale continued with these kinds of posts all through September and into October as Clare's season began airing. After she talked about their instant connection during the premiere, Dale even posted a photo from when they first met on night one. "I felt that," he wrote, proving that subtle hints aren't his strong suit.

He also turned one of his clues into a meme, and we'll let you be the judge:

Aside from teasing all of Bachelor Nation about his relationship status over the last couple of months, Dale's been busy living it up in New York the best one can amid the coronavirus pandemic. He's been working out a lot, watching sports, and just last month he celebrated his 32nd birthday. "I can't begin to put into words how grateful I am for all the amazing experiences and people god has brought into my life," he captioned his birthday post.

While that could very well be another hint about Clare, we'll have to see for ourselves how their story unfolds on The Bachelorette. Until then, we're on to you, Dale — and yes, we'll be watching those Insta captions very closely.