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Luke Pell Has Had *Several* Public Relationships Since Appearing On 'The Bachelorette'

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Since appearing on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, Luke Pell has gotten pretty used to having his relationships be in the public eye. And hoo boy, has he had a lot of them.

After The Bachelorette, Luke took a break from reality TV to work on his country music career. But in early 2018, he returned to Bachelor Nation for Bachelor Winter Games, where he struck up a relationship with Nastassia "Stassi" Yaramchuk. The two had planned to keep dating in the real world, but at the show's reunion, Stassi claimed that Luke never tried to contact her after the show. He later told People magazine that he'd thought they were on the same page about breaking up, and that being on the show made him realize he just wanted to get back together with his ex.

That ex was Big Brother star Holly Allen. According to E! News, the duo rekindled their relationship for a few months before parting ways in May 2018. A source claimed to the outlet that the couple had tried living together in Nashville but couldn't make things work.

A couple of months later, Luke began dating Amanda Mertz, the on-air host of the YouTube channel Rated Red, which covers all things hunting, outdoors, camping, military, and vehicles. According to Us Weekly, they were reportedly set up by a friend in 2017 but started dating in earnest in the summer of 2018. There haven't been any breakup reports for the couple in the two years since, but they haven't posted any photos of each other on Instagram since late 2019.

However, Luke did "like" one of Amanda's photos from a couple of months ago, so maybe they're together but just cooling it on the couple pics? And in a photo from April, Amanda wore a hat from Luke's clothing company, The Country Brand, which sells apparel printed with things like "country" and "support local."

In early 2019, Luke also helped launch a moving company called Black Tie Moving that's focused on creating a "luxury moving experience." With two businesses, a country music career, and products to shill on Instagram, Luke is plenty busy whether he's still dating Amanda or not.

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