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Gabby & Rachel's Men Tell All Special Will Put Nate & Logan In The Hot Seat

Let’s get the boys back together.

by Kadin Burnett
Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey at the Men Tell All special.
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Rachel and Gabby’s Men Tell All episode has finally arrived, which means audiences can watch as Pandora’s box is unpacked right before their very eyes. Even though there are several men still vying for the hearts of our leads, the rest of the eliminated contestants have reconvened to air out their dirty laundry. It should be enough drama to tide you over until Rachel and Gabby make their way to Mexico for Fantasy Suites.

Per Women’s Health and blogger Reality Steve, the Men Tell All special was filmed quite recently. In fact, it took place just a few weeks ago on Aug. 11 at the Warner Bros. Ranch in Burbank, California. As Reality Steve went on to report, almost everyone you know from this season will be back in attendance for the special, except for a select few. Of those in attendance, there’s always the question as to who among the contestants will end up in the “hot seat” opposite host Jesse Palmer. It’s a safe bet to expect the likes of Nate and Logan to have some one-on-one interview time with Jesse since those three suitors ended their seasons end in a dramatic fashion.

Fans are probably expecting someone like Hayden to end up in the hot seat to get his comeuppance for his inappropriate comments this season. However, as Reality Steve also revealed, Hayden wasn’t in attendance at Men Tell All’s filming. The Florida-based contestant spent most of the season turning himself into a villain, insulting both Gabby and Rachel. He did try to make amends and apologize on Instagram but has since deleted his apology. So it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to face retribution at the hands of his fellow contestants and the Bachelorettes.

As for the men that will be there, look for Tyler to open up about his breakup with Rachel during their hometown date. Fans may remember that he didn’t even technically get a full hometown visit considering Rachel ended the date before she could meet his family. There’s also a good chance that Logan will explain his controversial switch from Rachel’s team to Gabby’s and Nate will finally set the record straight about the cheating allegations that recently surfaced. No matter the season, there’s always enough drama to go around at the Men Tell All.