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Why The Bachelorette Ended Hometowns Week Without A Rose Ceremony

Plus, find out when you’ll be able to watch Rachel & Aven’s hometown date.

by Kadin Burnett
Rachel Recchia and Aven on 'The Bachelorette'
Craig Sjodin/ABC

The Bachelorette’s Hometowns always gives fans a lot to unpack, but Episode 7 was especially something to behold. The Aug. 22 episode was primed to be a lovely reunion of family and friends, and it was for much of the episode. That is until Rachel met Tino’s parents, who grilled her with questions about their son, the show, and dating other men. It was a rough ending for an episode rife with mostly pleasant interactions and some touching goodbyes. It also left no room for a rose ceremony, nor did it go any time for the last of Rachel’s final four, Aven, to make an appearance.

The unfinished Hometowns episode leaves us with way more questions than answers, with fans wondering when they’ll see Aven’s hometown and if Gabby and Rachel will eliminate any more men before Fantasy Suites. Let’s break down what changed and what to expect next on The Bachelorette.

Why Wasn’t There A Rose Ceremony After Hometowns?

From the start of the season, fans knew The Bachelorette’s formula would be different, and one common weekly thread seems to involve the rose ceremony. Whether it's completely canceled or one of the Bachelorettes changes how many roses she wants to give out, fans can expect a change-up in tradition by the end of each week. That said, with two Bachelorettes and seven hometown dates total, it’s almost impossible to squeeze all of that into a single episode. Each date deserves a decent amount of screen time, including Rachel & Tino’s hometown visit — one of the worst in the franchise’s history — that ended this latest episode.

As to whether Gabby or Rachel will be sending any more guys home before Fantasy Suites, that remains unclear. Rachel already said goodbye to Tyler during Hometowns, so both leads are down to three guys, which is usually the number of contestants who make it Fantasy Suites. Considering that the show’s programming schedule indicates the Men Tell All special will air next week, it’s looking like there will not be another rose ceremony until after Fantasy Suites, which are taking place over two weeks on Monday, Sept. 5 and Tuesday, Sept. 13.

This is not the first time that Hometowns week didn’t end with a rose ceremony. The last time it happened was during Jojo Fletcher’s season, where one contestant’s last-second declaration of love forced her to reconsider her entire journey, resulting in a cliffhanger. Technically, Katie Thurston’s Hometowns week also ended without a rose ceremony. She, like Gabby, only had three hometown dates. Fans of the show will likely remember Greg Grippo’s season-ending implosion, which left Katie without the need for a ceremony.

When Will We See Rachel & Aven's Hometown Date?

While the Men Tell All special is coming soon, fans won’t have to wait long to see Rachel and Aven’s date. In the trailer for next week’s episode, The Bachelorette previewed their hometown date, where Rachel and Aven pay a visit to a psychic, and things get a little chaotic. ABC will likely air the segment before switching to Men Tell All, which is bound to be rife with drama and revelations from all of Season 19’s eliminated contestants.

Which Contestants Will Be Gabby’s & Rachel’s Fantasy Suite Dates?

All three of Gabby’s finalists, Erich, Johnny, and Jason, are in the running for a Fantasy Suite invite. Even though overnights are typically divided amongst the final three contestants, there’s still a chance Gabby could cut her final three down to two. As for Rachel, she sent home Tyler in the middle of Week 7’s episode, which means she only has Tino, Aven, and Zach left. Because it seems like there will not be a rose ceremony between Hometowns and Fantasy Suites, fans should expect to see these six contestants with the Bachelorettes in Mexico in a couple of weeks.