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Aaron B. Made A Comeback After His Bachelorette Elimination

While he didn’t get Charity’s rose during the finale, Bachelor Nation will see him again very soon.

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Charity Lawson and Aaron Bryant from 'The Bachelorette' Season 20, via ABC's press site
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Spoilers ahead for Charity’s season of The Bachelorette. When Charity Lawson chose Aaron Bryant, aka Aaron B., for her first one-on-one date of The Bachelorette Season 20, she “had no doubts” that he would be her husband one day. As Charity’s connections grew with the other men, however, Aaron entered his Hometown Date in Houston, Texas, “probably the furthest behind” in the final four, as she put it. After the San Diego-based software salesman, 30, introduced Charity to his family, he reignited that early spark by playing “Just Wanna Know That You Love Me” — the song Lauren Alaina serenaded them with during their first date — while they slow-danced on his high school football field. Though the pair mutually agreed they were “falling in love,” Charity still sent Aaron home at the end of the episode.

She’d already been honest with Aaron’s mom, Ethel, about why she would “probably not” say yes if he proposed that day. “My answer would not be in reflection of who Aaron is or where I stand with him,” Charity explained. “I value what a proposal means, I value saying yes and only doing it only one time. And so for me, I want to be at a place so where when I say yes to my person, I’m 100 percent certain where I’m at.”

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Even after she eliminated Aaron, Charity was still uncertain if she’d made the right decision. When the Season 20 lead heads to Fiji for Fantasy Suites, she might get a chance to reconsider. ABC’s promo for the Aug. 7 episode teases Charity getting an “insane” surprise when someone who’s “not supposed to be” there unexpectedly arrives.

As fans soon found out, Aaron traveled to Fiji, and Charity briefly gave him another shot, appreciating his grand gesture of traveling all the way to see her. “Right now, I’m reconsidering everything,” Charity said in a confessional. However, she ultimately chose not to pursue things with Aaron, and didn’t give him a rose during the finale. But even that isn’t the end of Aaron’s Bachelorette journey, though: He filmed Bachelor in Paradise this summer, as confirmed during the After the Final Rose special.

That’s not all Aaron has been doing since The Bachelorette wrapped filming in late April. Shortly after he returned home, Aaron turned 30 and marked the occasion with a reflective Instagram post. “I cant express enough gratitude to my family and friends supporting my path and my purpose,” he captioned the May 17 photos, in part, after sharing a Mark Twain quote. “Every conversation I’ve shared with others shaped me into who I am today. So thank you, world for pouring into my growth.”

Aaron, who’s also been working on a real estate career in the San Diego area, further opened up about how his and Charity’s first one-on-one aided his journey to working on his mental health. “After our date I felt comfortable opening myself up, letting others see my true self with no judgement, sharing the world with actual people,” he captioned a July 5 post, thanking the Bachelorette for helping him shed his “self sabotaging” ego. “Therapy was the first step letting that pride go, but the work is on-going. 10/10 recommend.”

Despite how his Bachelorette journey ended, Aaron still seems to have a sense of humor about the situation. The same day his elimination episode aired, the Houston native shared a TikTok making light of the fact Joey (or “Mark”) was Charity’s only white finalist. “Definitely rockin’ w/ Mark,” he captioned the Instagram post, which used audio from Netflix’s Last Chance U in which the coach says, “You are frickin’ African Americans — plus Mark,” referencing the team’s lone white player.

As for whether or not Aaron is currently single, fans will likely have to tune in to BiP to see the next stop in his romantic journey.

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