8 Chadwick Boseman Movies That You Can Stream Right Now

From Black Panther to 42, these are the late actor's most influential films.

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Chadwick Boseman's life may have been cut short, but his legacy will live on forever. The Black Panther star died on Friday, Aug. 28 at the age of 43, after a four-year battle with colon cancer. Unbeknownst to all, the actor was fighting the disease all while creating some of the most powerful and historically significant film performances in recent memory — including his final, Oscar-nominated turn in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, for which he’s earned a number of posthumous awards. Given his stunning oeuvre, fans eager to celebrate his life and legacy will want to know where to stream Boseman's iconic films, including Black Panther.

Throughout his career, Boseman has changed how Black men are represented onscreen. He portrayed many Black heroes, both real-life and fictional, including baseball legend Jackie Robinson in 42, iconic singer James Brown in Get on Up, and of course, King T'Challa in Black Panther, the first Marvel film to be centered around a Black superhero. He played these characters with the utmost grace, power, and authenticity, giving young Black men unprecedented representation and strength on the big screen.

If you want to honor Boseman's great performances, here are eight of his best films that you can stream or rent online right now.


Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

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Based on the August Wilson play of the same name, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom stars Viola Davis as Ma Rainey and Boseman as Levee Green, a vivacious and verklempt trumpeter in her blues combo. He’s achieved critical acclaim for this role, and is a favorite to win Best Actor at the Oscars (after taking home the prize at the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and more). Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is streaming on Netflix.


Black Panther

Marvel Studios

The public impact of Boseman's historic performance in Black Panther cannot be understated. His portrayal of King T'Challa, who has to fight for his rightful crown as leader of Wakanda after his father's death, was a historic moment for Black men who finally saw themselves onscreen in superhero form. The film went on to become Marvel's most successful superhero film in the US at the time of release and landed an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. Black Panther is streaming on Disney+, alongside the other Marvel films that Boseman has starred in.



Starting his legacy of portraying historical Black figures onscreen, Boseman took on the role of Jackie Robinson, known as one of the best baseball players of all time, in 42. The 2013 film told the story of Robinson as a young boy and how he grew up to be the first Black man to play in the MLB in the modern era, breaking the color line in 1947. The film was widely praised for its historical accuracy and Boseman's performance, even by Robinson's widow. 42 is currently streaming on HBO Max.


Da 5 Bloods

Boseman's role in Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods is more poignant than ever in light of his passing. The critically acclaimed film focused on four Black soldiers who travel back to Vietnam decades after the war to find the remains of their leader Stormin, played in flashbacks by Boseman. Da 5 Bloods is now the last film to feature Boseman during his lifetime, and much like in real life, he is portrayed as a hero. Da 5 Bloods is streaming on Netflix.


Get on Up

In Get on Up, Boseman tells the life story of legendary funk singer-songwriter James Brown, from his start as a young boy in a gospel group in 1939 to his powerful '90s performances. The film tells his story in a non-linear way, flashing back and forth constantly between his family life, tumultuous relationships, and career achievements. Of course, Boseman received huge critical acclaim for his portrayal of Brown. Get on Up is streaming on Netflix.


Message from the King

As the title suggests, Netflix film Message from the King shows Boseman as a king once again –but not a literal one, unlike Black Panther. The actor plays Jacob King, a South African man who travels to Los Angeles to find his younger sister, and later, has to avenge her mysterious death. He may not be literal royalty, but the revenge thriller still shows Boseman at his strongest. Message from the King is streaming on Netflix.


21 Bridges

In the 2019 film 21 Bridges, now one of Boseman's last, the actor stars as an NYPD detective Andre Davis, who shuts down the eponymous 21 bridges of Manhattan in order to hunt down two suspected killers of police officers. It's an issue that's very close to Andre thanks to the death of his father, a police officer murdered while on duty. Stream 21 Bridges on Showtime, or with a premium Showtime subscription on Prime Video or Hulu.



Open Road Films

Boseman portrays Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Supreme Court Justice, in Marshall. The film focuses on one of his first famous cases, State of Connecticut v. Joseph Spell, in which Spell was accused of raping a wealthy white woman, whom he worked for as a chauffeur. The film received critical acclaim, specifically for Boseman's performance. Rent Marshall on Amazon Prime Video for $3.99.

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