Francesca Banjo Shared A Defiant Post In Support Of Diversity's Black Lives Matter Dance

"I could not be prouder of my husband."

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The clue is in their name, but Diversity's Black Lives Matter performance on Britain's Got Talent received more than 10,000 complaints since it aired on ITV Sept. 5. Many have come to the defence of the dancers' rousing anti-racism performance on social media, including Francesca Banjo, wife of the troupe's leader Ashley Banjo. Banjo took to her Instagram page on Sept. 10 to rally behind the performer and choreographer husband, sharing that she "could not be prouder" of him. But who is Francesca Banjo?

Like her husband, Francesca Banjo is a dancer. She has previously performed with professional dance troupe Out Of The Shadows, the sister group to Diversity. According to the Sun, the 30-year-old is now a talent manager and uses her experiences of performing in the showbiz industry to manage talent.

The Banjo's love story is a rather sweet one. The former childhood sweethearts have been in a relationship for 13 years and tied the knot in Essex in 2015. They have two young children together: Rose Adura Banjo, born in 2019, and baby Micah, who they welcomed in March 2020.

While the pair are certainly befitting of couple goals, there's been tougher times for the pair of late.

Francesca joined Ashley's brother Jordan Banjo in speaking out about the backlash to Diversity's landmark performance. In the post, which has over 11,000 likes, she wrote: "On Saturday @ashleybanjogram and @diversity_official performed this routine on @bgt, 11 years after winning the show. To call this a ‘dance routine’ is an understatement to say the least. This piece was a take on the unprecedented events of 2020, from COVID-19 to BLM, from clapping for carers as a nation to coming together in our own families and finding the light in the darkest of times.

Francesca Banjo explained why it was important to not shy away from "uncomfortable" discussions.

"Some may find this uncomfortable, may feel it inappropriate, but shying away from issues is not going to bring about the change that is so long overdue," she wrote.

"Watching this I could not be prouder of my husband; Rose and Micah will watch this and when they are old enough to understand they will be proud that their Dad created something so poignant and used his voice to stand up for what is right."

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