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Why Did Brayden Go Home On The Bachelorette?

He didn’t find love with Charity — but his journey may not be over yet.

Charity Lawson and Brayden Bowers on 'The Bachelorette.' Photo via ABC
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Despite winning Charity Lawson’s first impression rose, Brayden Bowers’ run on The Bachelorette has been rocky — so it wasn’t too surprising that Brayden went home during the July 17 episode. However, no one could have predicted the cinematic drama that was his exit.

It all started during the Skamania Scouts group date in Stevenson, Washington. When the young scouts helped Charity choose Aaron Bryant as the group date’s winner, Brayden was displeased that Charity chose such a “cookie-cutter dude.” The point of contention was Aaron’s answer to the question about how the men envisioned ending the season: Brayden said “content,” while Aaron said the more traditional, engagement-minded “on one knee.”

“I like her. I think she’s an amazing woman. She might just be an amazing woman for someone else that’s not me,” Brayden said in a very self-aware confessional.

Brayden and the men continued to squabble after the group date. As Sean McLaughlin put it, “You had arguably the most time out of anyone in this group [with Charity], and you still have doubts about the process? What do you still need to see?”

After Charity overheard the “heated” conversation, she pulled Brayden aside for a private chat where she could better understand his headspace. “I feel like I like you, but I feel like I don’t want to be here right now,” Brayden confessed. “And I don’t feel like I’m capable of getting there in this environment.”

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Though Charity said it was “disappointing to see such a strong connection plummet,” she opted to walk him out. “I am not in a position to fix Brayden,” she said. “He is reminding me so much of my past relationship.”

Thus marked the end of Brayden’s Bachelorette journey — or so we thought. In the car ride home, Brayden said he knew he “dug [his] own grave,” but added that he felt like the “door wasn’t fully shut” with Charity.

He even returned two days later, much to the shock of the other men — especially John Buresh, who was mid-kiss with Charity when Brayden walked in and, well, waited for them to be done so he could have a word.

Brayden confessed to Charity that he was “getting in over [his] head” during the season, and clarified that it wasn’t her fault he wasn’t able to commit to an engagement. He then left for a final time, but not without the remaining suitors voicing their disappointment that he’d taken time from Charity (and from them) yet again.

Where Is Brayden Today?

Since returning home from filming, Brayden has been spending quality time with his “son” — his dog, River.

“Life is good,” he wrote in one post — and in another, he said he was “looking upon the horizon in anticipation of what’s to come. Open. Free. Without limitations.”

According to Reality Steve, the horizon could include a trip to Mexico for Bachelor in Paradise Season 9. “I would think Brayden is going down,” he said in a June podcast episode, adding that he “had heard that name floated around” as a potential cast member.

Reality Steve didn’t confirm Brayden was officially beach-bound, but it’s an intriguing prospect — and it makes sense! Throughout Charity’s season, several viewers have noted that Brayden’s bold personality would be a great fit for the shores of Paradise.