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Susie Revealed Why She Would Reject A Surprise Proposal From Clayton Now

It’s probably for the best, TBH.

Susie and Clayton are not engaged after 'The Bachelor.' Photo via ABC
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Despite a very rocky fantasy suite-turned-breakup on The Bachelor — and another breakup during the final rose ceremonyClayton Echard and Susie Evans ultimately got back together after filming the show. As they revealed during After the Final Rose, the couple is moving in together and has “a lot of exciting things ahead.” (Their first adventure is a cross-country road trip, according to their People interview.) However, don’t expect an engagement to be one of those exciting things — at least, not anytime soon.

During a March 16 appearance on The Viall Files, Susie said she and Clayton have plans for regular “pulse checks” three months from now and when their Virginia Beach lease ends in September. But those conversations won’t necessarily revolve around marriage.

“Neither of us are just dating for fun, to just like have a chill relationship for a couple of years,” Susie told former Bachelor Nick Viall. “We’re like, let's see if this can work. Let’s talk realistically about this. And I don’t plan to get engaged in September ... I’ve told Clayton, if you surprise me, I will say no. This is not a fun surprise.”

Despite Clayton’s proposal fake-out during the finale (he presented her with the final rose she rejected the first time instead of a ring), Susie said Clayton knows how she feels when it comes to an engagement, so the couple seems to be on the same page.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

“We can obviously laugh about it now, but that is not something that we’re talking about,” she said. “And we have realized, like, if we would have gotten engaged, it wouldn’t be for us. So we’re like, let’s not do it. You know, it’s not for us ... we wanna give this a shot outside of this overwhelming environment.”

Even though marriage isn’t the couple’s first priority, they’re definitely checking off other major milestones, like making their relationship TikTok-official.

Following their After the Final Rose debut, the couple has posted several videos together — from a sweet montage of their four months of dating to a clip of them lounging around in bed.