Does Keep Breathing’s Ending Mean There Could Be A Season 2?

Let’s break down the finale’s emotional cliffhanger.

by Kadin Burnett
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Melissa Barrera as Liv in 'Keep Breathing'
Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix

Major spoilers ahead for Keep Breathing Season 1. After six thrilling episodes, Keep Breathing has come to an end. The Netflix thriller stars Melissa Barrera (Scream) as Liv, a New York City lawyer stranded in the Canadian frontier's unforgiving wilderness as the lone survivor of a plane crash. If the brutal conditions of the Great White North weren’t enough, Liv also must battle her personal demons if she wants to survive, let alone make her way back to civilization. For all her trials and tribulations in the not-so-great outdoors, the final episode of Keep Breathing flirts with an ambiguous ending, which begs two questions: Does Liv survive? And will there be a Season 2?

Does Liz Survive In Keep Breathing?

After the crash, Liv suffers from hallucinations and panic attacks, in addition to reliving the events that led her onto the plane in the first place. Finally pulling herself together, she picks a direction and begins marching in hopes of finding some sort of rescue or refuge. It doesn’t take long for Liv to lose her resources and sense of direction. It’s also quickly revealed that she is pregnant. Ever the problem solver, Liv uses her intellect and sheer will to survive. Despite what feels like sequence after sequence of hallucinations, physical harm, and emotional trauma, Liv manages to, well, keep breathing.

In the final moments of Episode 6, Liv is left with nothing. She exits the cave she was using as shelter, leaving her bag and resources behind. The only things she brings with her are postcards from her mother. While suffering from dehydration, fending off starvation, and walking on a broken leg, she sets out on what seems to be her final moments of life. She comes across a river with no way of crossing it and hallucinates her dad, who helps her come to terms with her fear of being like her mother.

Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix

Finding a sense of closure, Liv wades out into the water, holding onto a log to keep herself afloat. As the flow of the water quickens, she loses her grip on both the log and the postcards as her life — including glimpses at a future — begins flashing before her eyes. Just as it appears she’s mere moments from drowning, two people find her. They pull her from the river, but Liv is unresponsive and unconscious. As bad as she looked before the river, she seems even worse now. The strangers attempt to resuscitate Liv, but it’s to no avail. Just as they’re ready to leave her for dead, Liv’s chest draws breath, and her eyes open just as the episode cuts to black, confirming that she survived.

Will There Be A Keep Breathing Season 2?

Even though Liv manages to survive, it’s doubtful that we’ll be getting a second season. Firstly, Keep Breathing was planned as a miniseries, so upon the show’s inception, there weren’t any plans to go beyond the initial six episodes. It’s hard to imagine the show creating another dire survival situation for Liv.

Barrera, who plays Liv, also posted an Instagram photo of the entire cast and crew after filming had completed. The caption begins, “That’s a wrap on #Breathe and I am a forever changed,” before praising the crew for all their hard work throughout the shoot. Based on the fact that Barrera herself stated that the project had wrapped, with no allusion to a Season 2, it likely means that this is the end of Liv’s story.

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