Xanthi From The Circle Models For This Viral Online Fashion Brand

She may have changed her job title for the show — but she’s proud of her modeling career IRL.

The Circle Season 5 is here, and it’s time to get to know the new lineup of contestants. As you likely know by now, players create social media profiles that will (hopefully) make them popular among their fellow contestants — otherwise, they’ll be blocked. But those social media profiles can be as authentic or embellished as participants want. There are those like Brett Robinson and Raven Sutton, who opted to enter the game as themselves, and there are others, like Brian Clark, who took the catfish approach from Day 1. (In Brian’s case, he’s posing as his 27-year-old daughter, Brittany.)

But 25-year-old Xanthi Perdikomatis decided to employ a hybrid strategy. That is, she’s playing The Circle as herself, but with one little tweak: instead of listing her actual occupation as a model, she’s posing as a preschool teacher. “Models definitely don’t have the best track record on The Circle,” Xanthi wisely observes in her introduction video.

Of course, if you’ve already watched the first four episodes that dropped on Dec. 28, you know that Xanthi’s attempts to stick around on The Circle will be a little more complicated than simply swapping her profession. But for now, here’s everything we know about Xanthi when she’s not living in The Circle’s stylish (but very isolated) digs.

Xanthi’s Job

Xanthi may have made a strategic move by pretending she was a preschool teacher rather than a model — but in real life, she seems to be super proud of the work she does. “I have been modeling practically my whole life,” she says on the show. “I mean, I love the camera.”

So, who has Xanthi modeled for? Several of her recent posts promote pieces from Cider, the new online fashion brand that describes its business model as “smart fashion.”

In April, Xanthi announced that she was officially partnering with the brand. So regardless of her influencer status on the show, she’s definitely one in the real world. Xanthi has also modeled for more editorial photoshoots, too.

During her introduction on The Circle, Xanthi likens her family to the Portokalos brood from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and she’s even incorporated her loved ones into her modeling gigs. For example, Xanthi writes on Instagram that she was feeling “sentimental” and had pieces from her mom’s closet styled for the look, describing her as “my true muse.”

Xanthi’s Instagram

In addition to her modeling work, Xanthi uses her Instagram to share pieces of her everyday life — like a holiday greeting with her dog, Liko.

Xanthi also reveals on The Circle that she’s based in Massachusetts, but it seems that she spends a lot of time traveling, too. She recently shared several photos from Miami.