Brett From The Circle Already Changed 1 Major Strategy From His Big Brother Season

Here’s what we know about the reality show alum.

Before competing on Netflix's 'The Circle,' Brett Robinson appeared on 'Big Brother.' Here's everyth...

Over the course of its four seasons on Netflix, The Circle has attracted contestants with varying degrees of reality experience. Some are total newcomers — while others have previously appeared on shows like America’s Next Top Model, Too Hot to Handle, and Big Brother. In fact, a contestant from Season 5 of The Circle, Brett Robinson, previously competed on the latter show four years ago.

Today, the 28-year-old is on a mission to clear up confusion about his perceived onscreen ego. “The biggest misconception about me is that I’m a douchebag,” Brett says in his introduction video for The Circle Season 5, which dropped Dec. 28. “When in reality, I’m a lovable douchebag.”

So, what happened in Brett’s Big Brother season? Here’s everything to know about the reality alum’s strategy, job, and Instagram.

Brett’s Big Brother Season

In 2018, Brett competed on Big Brother Season 20 — on which he strategized to “rotate face” to keep his fellow contestants on their toes, he revealed in a pre-show interview. “I also plan to lie about my current occupation and life,” he continued. “I want people to think I am just a dumb surfer/model guy. Then, I will slowly plant my seeds of stories throughout the entire house, causing chain reactions that I will have to dynamically calculate on the fly.”

However, things didn’t quite work out on Brett’s Big Brother season. The duplicity led to Brett being unanimously evicted from his alliance and coming in sixth place on the show.

Brett’s Job


If he’s not just a surfer/model guy (as he puts it), then what is Brett’s job? This time around, on The Circle, Brett begins the show on a more transparent note — revealing his actual job which is, indeed, in cybersecurity. On his apparent LinkedIn page, Brett lists his occupation as a corporate account executive at a software company based in Dallas.

Brett’s Instagram

Brett’s Instagram is pretty similar to his original profile on The Circle, featuring photos of his travels, workouts, and plenty of shirtless snaps. As Brett says on the show, “it’s not just hot boy summer — it’s hot boy all year round.”

The Circle Season 5 is all about mingling singles — and in several social media posts, Brett has made his approach to dating hilariously clear. In one post, for example, he identifies himself as “pete davidson’s next wing man,” accompanied by an emoji of a red flag. We’ll have to wait and see how this attitude translates to Brett’s potential pair-ups on The Circle.