How To Ensure Your Grad Cap Doesn't Ruin Your Hair

by Miki Hayes
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There are two reasons to toss your mortarboard after graduation. The first is in celebration. The second is to make sure it isn't on your head long enough to cause hat hair. But if it did, at least there are some ways to get rid of hair bumps from your graduation cap. Because the only thing worse than a ponytail dent is a mortarboard dent.

Of course, there is one way to help prevent those hair indentions so you won't even have to worry about it when you toss your hat: Make sure that your hair is completely dry and completely cool before putting on your grad cap. Hair that is still slightly damp from a shower or slightly hot from styling will be more impressionable and may result in more noticeable bumps. So before you even start thinking about what styles will best hide those dents, or what products may help get rid of them, make sure to properly prepare your hair for donning your graduation cap. Once the impact of your mortarboard is more likely to be less severe, it'll be easier to correct or hide any incidental hair dents that may form. Here are eight ways to do that should graduation day plague you with hat hair.

1. Switch Up Your Part

A sneaky way to help hide any hair dents that doesn't take too much work is to switch your part while you wear your graduation cap. When it's time to remove it, just flip your hair back to its normal part. Not only will this make any dents that were previously facing out face down, but it will also give your hair a little extra volume. And without any product at all.

2. Curl Your Hair

If you have naturally straight hair, camouflage hair bumps and dents by adding some more. Use your favorite curling wand to add some more waves to your hair so no one will be able to tell where your graduation cap dent ends and where your curls begin.

3. Try Dry Shampoo

Sometimes, hair dents appear a little more obvious when hair has fallen flat. To make sure this isn't the case, keep a can of dry shampoo or texturizer on hand. Spray some near the roots, rub it in, and restyle your hair. Adding back a little texture and volume will help conceal any bumps you may have had.

4. Opt For An Updo

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Another great way to hide hair dents is to throw your hair into a chic updo after the cap comes off. A topknot, some mini buns, or even a sleek pony will totally hide any imperfections caused by your cap. Plus, it'll keep you cool during your graduation-day shenanigans.

5. Choose The Right Size

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A cap that is too tight will not only be uncomfortable, but it will also cause more noticeable hair bumps. If you have a choice, opt for a size up, and use bobby pins to secure your cap to your hair. If your school does the one-size-fits-all thing, snip the elastic band inside the rim of the cap. You may also need to use bobby pins or some other means of securing your cap to your hair if you do this. But if pins instead of elastic are keeping your cap on your head, you most likely won't end up with any annoying dents.

6. Try Steam

If you need something a little stronger to take care of your hair dents, and you simply don't have time for a shower or want to rewet your hair, try a steamer. Something like the Q-Redew will help smooth out bumps and dents in only a minute without ruining your style.

7. Carry A Brush

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Sometimes all it takes is a little reset to get rid of hair bumps. Carry a travel-sized boar bristle brush with you to easily fix your hair on the go. All you have to do is flip your hair down, brush it out, and then flip it back over to smooth it. Any small bumps should be unnoticeable after a fluff.

8. Throw On Another Hat

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Of course, if hats are your thing anyway, just throw on your fave and call it a day. It doesn't get much easier than that.

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