The 12 Best Strapless Bras For Small Boobs That Won't Fall Down

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by Lisa Fogarty
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If you've ever worn a strapless bra to a formal event, only to find it around your waist before the cocktail hour has ended, you know that the best strapless bras for small boobs are invaluable because they actually stay in place. All bra sizes are fabulous because boobs are just plain fabulous, but if we're being honest, there are always going to be struggles that those of us with small boobs face that will seem foreign to anyone with big boobs, and vice versa. And, strapless bras? Challenge with a capital "C."

I've had friends remark how "lucky" I am because I can comfortably squeeze my B-cup breasts into those sticky silicone bra cups that stay up by themselves and work like a charm under halter tops, backless dresses, and other confounding articles of clothing. And I'm not knocking them because lots of women love the strapless freedom they provide. Personally, I've found if you need any support at all in the boob area, it also helps to own a few good conventional strapless bras that won’t slip or fall down, are comfy, and will support a smaller chest. This means looking for features like elastic, nonslip silicone lining, a wide back, or clever shaping, which can help a supportive strapless bra stay where it’s most, well, supportive. A comfortable strapless bra is one that fits correctly, so it helps to look for a bra with an inclusive size range to accommodate all kinds of bodies.

So, where are all of these magical strapless bras for small boobs? These strapless bras for small boobs will keep you supported and won't morph into an unwanted belt.


A Smooth Push-Up Bra That Can Be Worn Under T-Shirts

There's not a stitch of lace or any other adornment to be found on this smooth custom lift strapless bra, which makes it the perfect undergarment to be worn under snug dresses and T-shirts. With lined foam cups that offer lift, silicone elastics to keep it in place, and a strapless sweetheart neckline that can be paired with V-neck tops, this is a top-notch strapless bra that will feel secure on smaller busts. But the two big attractions here are the bra's signature power band, which helps it stay in place, and the fact that each cup size is designed with its own lift feature to provide custom fits, no matter what your cup size. It comes in beige or white.

Glowing review: “Best strapless bra I’ve tried for my small boobs and athletic build! [...] I was going to give up on buying bras all together but I decided to try this because I need something for the summer dresses I have. I love the fabric - reminds me of Aerie bras (smooth and soft) and the rubber trim gives great hold. The push up cups give me shape and lift without being too much and pressing my breasts too tightly.”

  • Available sizes: 32A — 8D


A Padded Push-Up Strapless Bra

For those days when you crave a little more cleavage, this gel touch strapless push-up bra delivers with contoured underwire cups that feature graduate gel padding, which appears softer and more natural than foam pads. This bra has a three-column, two-row hook and eye back closure, boasts silicone on the underwire that adheres to skin (but painlessly, thank goodness), and comes with clear straps — just in case. Choose from white, beige, and black in packs of one or two.

Glowing review: “I have a very small chest (32A) and wearing strapless bras always stressed me out because they would slip or just look funky underneath clothes. But this strapless bra is AMAZING! The bra has grippy silicone on the strap and it does not move AT ALL. It stays up the entire day (9AM-5PM) without me having to keep pulling it up or adjusting it. I love it so much! Highly recommend.”

  • Available sizes: 32A — 38D


An Adhesive Backless Bra With A Center Clasp

There are a few big differences between this strapless self-adhesive silicone bra and others that are similar. This one comes in a range of sizes from A to F. It's reusable and has the same backless design, but rather than featuring a cleavage-enhancing front tie, it has a center clasp that provides a "gather" effect and works well with plunging necklines. This bra comes in black, pink, and beige.

Glowing review: “The sticky bra stayed in place all night, even in 100° weather! It was easy to put on and very comfortable.”

  • Available sizes: A — F


A Strapless Bra With A U-Wire Center For Plunging Necklines

With a plunging neckline and padded push-up cups, this DOBREVA strapless bra gives your low-cut neckline shirts and dresses the supportive undergarment they finally deserve. It's designed with spandex and polyamide material that looks smooth under clothing and contour cups to keep it in place. A criss-cross strap in the center is a pretty detail, and there’s a set of removable straps in case you want to wear the bra with standard-style straps, one strap, crossed straps, or as a halter. It comes in black, beige, or beige with black lace.

Glowing review: “I was nervous that it would slip often. I took a nap, jumped around, wore it a few days in a row and it stays up just fine. And is comfortable.”

  • Available sizes: 32AA — 38D


This Lace Bandeau Bra With Scalloped Edging

At first glance, this Cosabella bandeau bra looks like a sweet, pretty, frilly lace dream. Look closer and you'll see why it's a gift to small busts: it features scalloped edging that lay flat on the skin and a silicone lining along the top and bottom that keep the bra secure and stop it from slipping. There are no wires or cups to speak of, but this is the bra to own if you just want to be comfortable and maybe feel like showing off a little of it under a large tank. The color options are also incredible: Choose from more than 10 different shades.

Glowing review: “The fabric for the front half of the bra is slightly gathered at the sides, which means your girls are gently cupped by the fabric rather than constricted against your chest. Basically, if you're a small cup size to begin with, you won't have to worry about this bra flattening you out like some sort of high intensity sports bra. Additionally, there is boning along the sides of this bra which prevents the fabric from 'rolling down' on you while in wear. The lining has some of that grippy rubberized texture along the top and bottom and I found the fit to be comfortably snug around my rib cage [...] No problems whatsoever with this bra sliding down or requiring constant readjusting - it fits like a dream!! Also; although the material is lacy, it is substantial and lined”

  • Available sizes: Petite — Large


A Hidden Wire Bustier With A Low Back

So, you want the ultimate (ultimate) in strapless support and are tired of hoisting your classic strapless up every 10 minutes? Try this seamless hidden wire bustier bra, which is smooth under clothing and has side flexible boning and a low back to work with a variety of dresses and tops. This bustier runs small, according to reviewers, which means there's a good chance it works for smaller chest sizes and will hold you up and in place.

Glowing review: “Beautiful bustier to wear under strapless dresses. I usually wear a 34B and ordered a 36B, fit well but could’ve gone up two band sizes probably.”

  • Available sizes: 32A — 42D


A Strapless Bandeau Push-Up Bra With Wonderbra Technology

The Wonderbra continues to amaze us because it provides a lift unlike any other, and has managed to find a way to do this with a strapless bandeau bra that stays in place and features patented polycarbonate technology that holds you up. This bra has a flexible support system inside the cup, silicone along the edges to stay put, and looks smooth under clothing.

Glowing review: “This is one of the best strapless bras I have ever tried. The band is tight but does not feel uncomfortable and the bottom has a thick plastic band holding in place instead of an underwire so it doesn't hurt after a while of wearing it.”

  • Available sizes: 32A — 36I


A Sheer, Unpadded Lace Bra With Side Boning

In place of padding, this see-through multiway strapless lace bra has a soft mesh lining, underwire, and side boning that offer support, and silicone grips along the top edges to prevent it from slipping and sliding. You also can wear this bra in six different ways, as it comes with adjustable, detachable straps (in addition to being strapless, it turns into a one strap, classic, halter, cross front, or cross-back bra).

And let's talk about how pretty it is: sheer floral lace and colors that include lilac (shown here), white, black, beige, and light pink make this both a functional and super gorgeous bra to wear on any occasion.

Glowing review: “I'm small breasted and not looking for padding so I am so happy that I was able to find this strapless bra. It just has a thin layer of lining on the cups, which is perfect. It stayed in place for the whole day that I wore it and never had to adjust it.”

  • Available sizes: 32A — 36DD


A 3-Pack Of Strapless Bandeau Bras In A Wide Range Of Sizes

Nab three entire bandeau bras for about $20 (a total steal!) with this multi-pack from KINYAOYAO, which is available in four different color combos. Best of all, the stretchy, breathable, and comfy nylon-spandex bras come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate many types of bodies. While the bras are wire-free for comfort, they do have soft, removable pads so you can decide how much shaping you’d like. If you don’t like the feel of silicone, you’ll be pleased that these bras don’t use it to stay in place, instead relying on thick elastic on the top and bottom.

Glowing review: “These are the most comfortable strapless bras I've ever ordered. The bra stays in place and looks great under my summer tees.”

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large


A Plus Size Strapless Bra That Comes In Smaller Cup Sizes

I'm just going to come out and say it: Finding a plus-size strapless bra that comes in small cup sizes can feel impossible. Too many bra manufacturers assume plus-size means cup sizes of C or more, which isn't always the case. As a result, this demographic is vastly underrepresented.

With that said, here's a strapless bra that has underwire, is lightly lined, and has pretty lace in a number of shades. It's made with polyamide and spandex, and it has some molding for structure. An anti-slip strip keeps it in place.

Glowing review: “Extremely well made and really comfortable! I’m an odd size having a broad back and small breasts. Very hard for me to find a large size with a small cup. I would absolutely buy again.”

  • Available sizes: 32A — 42F


A Self-Adhesive Strapless Bra With A Drawstring Closure

You may have spied this kind of drawstring self-adhesive strapless bra on one of your social media feeds and thought, hmmm, what's that all about? Here's the deal: It's made from nylon and spandex, painlessly adheres to your chest with silicone adhesive so that a back strap isn't even necessary, and comes in a pack of two (one black, one tan). And here's where the drawstring comes in: you can adjust it to either boost your cleavage or minimize it, depending on the look you want to achieve. Reviewers say this reusable bra is “definitely a must when you have backless or strapless clothing.”

Glowing review: “I usually hate wearing sticky bras but this was by far the best one I've ever worn! Not only was it comfortable on, but it didn't hurt taking it off either. The adjusters in the middle was also a nice touch for added cleavage.”

  • Available sizes: A — D


A Strapless Sports Bandeau That Wicks Away Moisture

Meet the lightweight microfiber strapless bandeau athletic bra that is totally breathable and perfect for the gym and hot weather and wicks away moisture so you don't have to spend more than a few seconds feeling your own sweat. It's seamless and flat, won't ride up or dig into your skin, and shouldn’t fall down thanks to its elastic construction.

Glowing review: “These bras are super comfortable, they don’t flatten you out. I Purchased a medium. I am a 36 A+ and I wore it all day into the night.”

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

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