These Wedgie-Proof Underwear Are The Best Invention Since Sliced Bread


Underwear is a great invention when it comes to coverage and hygiene, but for every issue it fixes, it seems to create a different one. There's VPL, chafing, and swamp butt, but in my opinion, the worst is the dreaded wedgie. No one likes having to subtly pick fabric out of their crevice in the elevator, but fortunately, sporting a pair of the best wedgie-proof underwear can prevent that.

What To Look For In Underwear That Doesn’t Ride Up

In order to achieve this seemingly-impossible feat, you'll need a few select features. First, a full-coverage design is one of the best defenses against a wedgie, because the further the seams are from your butt, the less chance they have of slipping in there. Second, high elasticity is a life-saver in this department, because the fabric moves with you instead of stretching out and bunching up. Finally, you've got the subtle but genius additions like silicone piping, wide waistbands, and reinforced seams. All of these contribute to a solid pair of panties that won't ride up.

If you tend to get overwhelmed by the underwear section in your department store, I've got fantastic news for you. Amazon has some of the best full-coverage underwear options available, and most of them are way more accessible than anything you'll find at your local mall. So go ahead — figuratively pick out a pair so you never again have to literally pick out a pair.


This Pair With Genius Silicone Piping That Keeps It In Place

According to Reddit user egg_on_your_face, panties with silicone piping are "THE way to go!” — but they’re also surprisingly hard to find. These TC Fine Intimates briefs are made from a silky nylon material, and they have flat seams to reduce VPL under leggings and dresses. Most importantly, however, they have a comfortable Wonder Edge silicone grip, which serves to keep the briefs in place no matter what.

One reviewer wrote: “These are super high quality, no-slip, no-show panties. Fit perfectly and invisibly under tight pants, skirts and dresses. Also they come in very neutral colors. I do not wear anything else.”

Available sizes: Small — X-Large Plus | Available colors: 4


Thanks To Their Four-Way Stretch, These Won't Ride Up During Yoga Or Running

If you lead a particularly active lifestyle, you'll want something that won't be settling into your butt halfway through your morning jog. These Balanced Tech classic briefs are made with a special four-way stretch that conforms to the body in all the right places. As a result, they stay in place without riding up during yoga, running, or gym workouts. They're even made with odor-resistant and moisture-wicking material to keep you dry and fresh throughout your day and your exercise routine — plus the tagless design and flat seams minimize chafing, irritation, and panty lines.

One reviewer wrote: “I tried these after getting frustrated with wedgies during the day. So far they stay put nicely. Even during a HIIT workout, [they are] lightweight, and comfortable because there is no tag. I think I'll order another set.”

Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large | Available colors: 9


Reinforced Elastic Openings Have Reviewers Saying These Underwear Never Need To Be Adjusted

Oftentimes, wedgies are at their worst when the elastic around the legs starts to stretch out. This causes excess fabric that starts to work its way into all the most uncomfortable crevices. Kalon hipster briefs are made from a nylon spandex blend for an extra-stretchy fit and long-lasting comfort. The leg edges feature a sewn binding for better elasticity and recovery, meaning that you can move, wash, and re-wear without having to worry about them losing their shape. Finally, the posterior coverage means that the seams hug your backside instead of getting all up in it.

One reviewer wrote: “Fabric is amazing. Great stretch, no seams, stay up well. They feel so good on, you don't realize you're wearing them. Colors are perfect too. My daughter & I are both in love.”

Available sizes: X-Small — 4X-Large | Available colors: 16


These Seamless Panties Ride Higher Than A Bikini Cut, So They Won't Pinch, Ride Up, Or Roll

People are obsessed with Warner's No Pinching No Problems panties for several reasons, including their seamless stretch to prevent irritation and their extra wide waistband to prevent rolling. For those looking for a wedgie-proof fit, however, these also fit the bill. The full-seat coverage and the high waistband prevent this pair from riding up, even underneath yoga pants, tight dresses, and workout shorts. Plus, since they're made from a quality nylon and spandex blend, they hold their shape despite tons of washes.

One reviewer wrote: “I've bought seven of these in two different colors and thrown out most of my other underwear. These are super comfortable and don't give me wedgies, which I'm prone to.”

Available sizes: Small — XX-Large | Available colors: 8


Calvin Klein Is A Wedgie-Proof Favorite Among Reddit Users

According to Reddit users, boyshorts are especially great when it comes to preventing wedgies because they're "super comfortable and stay put," and Calvin Klein is one of the most reliable brands. These Modern boyshorts are made from soft, breathable cotton, but also feature a bit of spandex so they move alongside your body. The iconic Calvin Klein waistband allows for a secure fit that won't ride up (or slip down), and they're available in a ton of adorable colors and patterns. Reddit user lostcauseromantic also says they're "really awesome" for keeping pads in place during your period without riding up, all because they "never slip" while simultaneously allowing for a bit of extra room.

One reviewer wrote: “They are comfortable, snug without being tight. They stayput and don’t ride up. The material is soft and breathable. The seams are all strong, and I haven’t had any problems with the pair I’ve had the longest (about a year, with irregular use).”

Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large | Available colors: 4


There Is Such a Thing As A “Front Wedgie,” And These Thongs Overcome That

Normally people do not equate "anti-wedgie" with "thong," but for some people — like this Reddit user — it's their best bet: "The only thing that doesn't creep up and give me a wedgie is a thong, since the wedgie is already there to start with." That being said, front-wedgies are also a thing, and reviewers love Kalon thongs because they prevent them from happening. They have a full-coverage front, a ribbed upper band, and reinforced leg edges that move and flex as you do. The soft, stretchy fabric and greater elasticity also makes them a favorite for workouts and long work days. Best of all, since they come in a pack of six, you'll be set for nearly every day of the week.

One reviewer wrote: “These have lasted me through just about everything. I bought a set two years ago and they have not stretched out, torn, or deformed in any other way. They're super comfortable and have not given me any wedgies, in contrast to an under armour pair of workout underwear I bought. I love these to death.”

Available sizes: X-Small — 4X-Large | Available colors: 17


When In Doubt, Opt For The Fullest Coverage

Full coverage is usually synonymous with a non-slip fit, and it doesn't get more full coverage than these spandex bike shorts. Reviewers wear them under work clothes, scrubs, and dresses because they actually stay put. They come in a pack of three, are available in over two dozen color options, and are made from breathable cotton with a hint of stretch. Because they're tag-free and reach down to mid-thigh, they also help prevent chafing and irritation while moving.

One reviewer wrote: “These are really comfortable to wear all day under skirts or dresses, even on hot summer days. I haven’t had problems with the waistband or the legs rolling down or riding up. They’re soft enough; not silky smooth, but not scratchy either.”

Available sizes: Small — 4X-Large | Available colors: 21