Latinx Heritage Month

Sex & Relationships

These Entrepreneurs Are Fighting To Make Sexual Wellness Accessible

“We are more aware of our bodies now than ever.”

By Tess Garcia

How One Anti-Diet Dietitian Honors Her Cultural Foods On Instagram

“We don't have to compromise the authenticity of a dish to give ourselves permission to enjoy it.”

By Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro

10 Latinx-Owned Fashion Brands To Support Today & Always

Bookmark this list ASAP.

By Mekita Rivas
Mental Health

11 Latinx Therapists & Mental Health Experts To Follow On Instagram

Scroll through for resources, education, and more.

By Kaitlyn Wylde

5 Action-Oriented Ways To Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month

Sign up to be a poll interpreter, donate to advocacy orgs, and more.

By Jay Polish
Social Justice

9 Latinx Activists You Should Have Learned About In History Class

Know their names.

By Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro and Jay Polish

6 Asian-Latinx Women On What They Wish You Knew About Their Identity

"I cannot count the amount of times people have asked me questions like, ‘What are you?’"

By Janel Martinez and Mia Mercado

What 7 Afro-Latinx Women Wish You Knew About Their Identity

"We exist and we are a fierce, powerful, and beautiful people."

By Janel Martinez and Mia Mercado

21 Latinx-Owned Etsy Shops For Candles, Jewelry, & Skincare

Let's say a brief prayer for your bank account.

By Mia Mercado

4 Young People On How They Explain The Word Latinx To Their Parents

The term holds space for people who may identify outside the gender binary.

By Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro and Mia Mercado

12 Latinx People On The Wellness Practices Their Abuelas Taught Them

Sana, sana, colita de rana.

By Naydeline Mejia

Sunny Hostin On The Bold Career Move She Made At 28

"It was a tumultuous time."

By Princess Gabbara