Latinx Heritage Month

Mental Health

19 Latinx Therapists & Mental Health Experts To Follow On Instagram

Diversify your feed.

By Kaitlyn Wylde, Naydeline Mejia and Lexi Inks

Why This Latinx Founder Says Representation Is Great, But Not Enough

CEO Brittany Chavez wants brands to take action.

By Mekita Rivas
The Level Up

Meet The First Peloton Instructor To Teach Yoga Classes In Spanish

Mariana Fernandez chats about accessibility and diversity in fitness.

By Rachel Lapidos
Quick Question

Journalist Alicia Menendez Knows The Power Of A Good Group Chat

The ‘American Voices’ host shares the importance of asserting yourself in the workplace.

By Emma Carey
Beauty Roots

How This Founder's Latinx Heritage Inspired Her To Launch Skin Care

“There’s this pride in taking care of yourself.”

By Rachel Lapidos

13 Times Latinx Stars Celebrated Their Roots

“The road ahead is richer when we acknowledge and embrace our heritage.”

By Alyssa Lapid

12 Latinx Musicians To Have On Your Radar

Make some space on your playlist.

By Ivana Rihter

21 Latinx-Owned Beauty & Fashion Brands To Support

From hair care to swimwear.

By Hilary Shepherd and Mekita Rivas
Quick Question

Inside The First-Ever Latina-Run Beverage Startup To Raise $1 Million

Agua Bonita founders Kayla Castañeda & Erin PonTell share what they’ve learned from growing their business.

By Melanie Mignucci

What “Latinx” Means To Young People

Latinx Millennials are trying to bridge generational divides.

By Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro, Mia Mercado and Bustle Editors

26 Books By Latinx Authors To Read Now & Always

Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month with one of these great reads.

By K.W. Colyard
Social Justice

11 Latinx Activists You Should Have Learned About In History Class

These important Latinx figures paved the way.

By Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro, Jay Polish and JR Thorpe
Take Action

10 Action-Oriented Ways To Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month

Donate, volunteer, learn, and more.

By Jay Polish and Naydeline Mejia
Without This Woman

Singer Amara La Negra On How Celia Cruz Continues To Inspire Her

“By watching her, I learned a lot about what it means to be Black and Latina.”

By Bustle Editors
Sex & Relationships

These Entrepreneurs Are Fighting To Make Sexual Wellness Accessible

“We are more aware of our bodies now than ever.”

By Tess Garcia

How One Anti-Diet Dietitian Honors Her Cultural Foods On Instagram

“We don't have to compromise the authenticity of a dish to give ourselves permission to enjoy it.”

By Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro