14 Solutions For Hot Sleepers To Stay Cool All Night Long
by Ileana Morales Valentine
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If you wake up sweaty (or next to someone who sleeps hot), then you know what it’s like to toss and turn in a too-warm bed. Luckily, there are several simple solutions for hot sleepers to help cool off your bed and bedroom so that you can sleep better.

Feeling hot makes it harder to sleep and, according to research, the ideal temperature for sleep is 65 degrees. A combination of solutions for hot sleepers can help you fall and stay asleep more comfortably. Pillows, sheets, and mattress toppers made of breathable materials like percale weave and bamboo, or ones infused with cooling gel can alleviate night sweats. Blackout curtains can prevent your room from getting too warm, and fans can circulate and freshen up the air. Fans and other items that help cool your room should have a few settings or customizable options so you can find one that works right for you.

Shop The Best Solutions For Hot Sleepers

In a hurry? Here are the best solutions for hot sleepers:

  1. Use A Bamboo Mattress Topper Designed For Hot Sleepers
  2. Replace Your Sheets With Linen Sheets
  3. Invest In A Temperature-Regulating Comforter
  4. Cool Your Room With A Large Oscillating Fan
  5. Swap In Gel Memory Foam Pillows
  6. Hang Blackout Curtains To Block Out Sunlight
  7. Try Out Crisp Organic Cotton Sheets To Keep You Cool
  8. Wear Lightweight Pajamas
  9. Swap Out Your Heavy Weighted Blanket For A Cooler Design
  10. Sleep With A Fan On Your Bedside Table
  11. Try Out A Cooling Sleep Mask For Instant Relief From The Heat
  12. Sleep In Silky Satin Pajamas That Won’t Absorb Sweat
  13. Swap Your Comforter For A Cooling Blanket
  14. Sleep On Silk Pillowcases That Are Cool To The Touch

There's really no need to suffer through another sweaty, sleepless night. Below are 14 solutions for hot sleepers, including some highly rated picks on Amazon with thousands of reviews, so you can get a better night's rest.

1. Use A Bamboo Mattress Topper Designed For Hot Sleepers

Also available on: Walmart, $35

A mattress pad provides an easy and affordable way to improve any sleep setup, and this cooling mattress topper is a must for hot sleepers. Its effectiveness lies in the design: The fabric is a temperature-regulating blend of rayon from bamboo as well as microfiber, and the topper features a honeycomb quilted design to encourage airflow for a cooler and more comfortable sleep. The mattress pad is available in six mattress sizes, from twin through California king.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this because I was nervous about adding a TempurPedic mattress topper to my existing mattress. I am a very, very hot and sweaty sleeper. This mattress pad does the trick.”

2. Replace Your Sheets With Linen Sheets

Far and away the most popular sheets amongst hot sleepers are made from linen. And while linen sheets can often be pricey, this linen set from Quince is a steal that has sweaty sleepers flocking. This four-piece set comes with a top sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, and is made with 100% European flax linen. These even come in 19 different colors for every bedroom and style.

One reviewer wrote: “We bought the linen sheet set in the Bordeaux color and they are really beautiful, light, and airy. They look great on the bed and fit our deep pocket mattress perfectly. We will definitely be buying a second set.”

3. Invest In A Temperature-Regulating Comforter

If you’re someone who gets hot on and off throughout the night, you’ll want a comforter that’s temperature-regulating and ideal for year-round use. This lightweight comforter is made from 100% eucalyptus lyocell that feels fluffy and soft, but is filled with a down-alternative fabric that won’t retain heat. It’s also machine washable and a huge hit with sleepers who tend to run hot during the night.

One reviewer wrote: “What can I say, this comforter is the real deal! I've always struggled with comforters, my temp ranges from too hot when it's on, until I throw it off and then often become cold in the night. Not with the Breeze though, it has been absolutely perfect on the chilly & mid-temp nights, and it has held up perfectly in these recent hot nights as well, especially with a fan or light AC breeze.”

4. Cool Your Room With A Large Oscillating Fan

Also available on: Home Depot, $69, and Walmart, $80

This oscillating tower fan was designed specifically for bedtime. Like similar fans, a slim profile allows it to fit in anywhere, but its nighttime setting sets it apart: The control display can be dimmed and the fan starts on high as you’re falling asleep and gradually lowers intensity after time.

This fan measures 42 inches in height, the better for cooling off more area, and it has three settings for low, medium, and high, which allows you to choose how much cooling off is needed. Reviewers commented that it works quietly. With more than 34,000 ratings, this pick is a cult favorite that hundreds of reviewers reported is the “best fan ever.”

One reviewer wrote: “I have it on with a two hour timer and sleep. It cools my body temperature which helps me fall asleep with ease. Very minimal noise.”

5. Swap In Gel Memory Foam Pillows

A cooling pillow is a perfect addition after outfitting your bed with cooling sheets and a comforter. The shredded filling in the pillow is infused with gel and the outer cover is made from breathable bamboo. Whether you sleep on your stomach or on your side, the firmness is easily adjustable by adding or removing the internal foam.

One reviewer wrote: “These pillows are the best. I sleep so much better with the cooling effect. They keep me from getting to hot at night.”

6. Hang Blackout Curtains To Block Out Sunlight

Upgrading your bedroom with blackout curtains can be life-changing, and this set makes it affordable and simple. These curtains allow you to sleep in and block out any distracting street lights, and if you keep them closed during the day your bedroom will remain cooler. When drawn shut, the two panels block up to 99% of light and UV rays.

This pick has an impressive 4.7-star overall rating after more than 102,000 reviewers weighed in. Shoppers have commented about its high quality; some report these curtains have the added benefit of curbing outside noise for a more serene bedroom. You can choose among 16 sizes and 38 colors to create a customized look that suits your windows and bedroom.

One reviewer wrote: “Brilliant! My room is so much cooler just by putting these curtains up. Thermal is the way to go. Save on air cooling costs, room stays cool, thermal curtains are a must-have for anyone trying to stay cool and keep cooling cost down!”

7. Try Out Crisp Organic Cotton Sheets To Keep You Cool

Also available on: Walmart, $97

You know that crisp, cool feeling of sliding into hotel sheets? Experience that at home with this set of organic cotton sheets in a percale weave, which makes all the difference for a night of sweat-free sleep. These lightweight, breathable sheets are also durable and reviewers say they won’t pill over time. The cotton is made to the Global Organic Textile Standard and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. Choose from several mattress sizes and colors, including ivory, dark gray, and lilac.

One reviewer wrote: “I finally found the sheet style I have wanted! If you want the crisp, cool feel Percale Weave is it! I’ve tried numerous types of sheet and never understood weave until I finally did some research. Hot sleepers? Look no further! This is what you have been trying to find! I ordered as second set and will be throwing out the other half dozen I have bought trying to find these!”

8. Wear Lightweight Pajamas

This super soft pajama set is made of smooth and lightweight viscose in a classic button-down style. The short-sleeve shirt and shorts drape comfortably — and the shorts are designed with a drawstring waistband for a better fit. The two-piece set comes in 40 colors and prints, like tie-dye and tropical flowers. With more than 6,700 ratings, shoppers have commented that these pajamas are extremely comfortable and they’ve since bought a second (or third!) set.

One reviewer wrote: “Writing this review because I was the person searching the reviews for "sweaty" hahah. This set does not stick or cling or make you sweaty! I have to be cool to sleep, and these have fit the bill. Super cute as well and I will probably purchase another set.”

9. Swap Out Your Heavy Weighted Blanket For A Cooler Design

Also available on: Walmart, $77

The added comfort of a weighted blanket isn’t out of reach just because you run hot at night. This cooling weighted blanket is made of breathable material that can help regulate your body temperature. The blanket is machine washable and comes in five sizes, five weights that range from 7 to 30 pounds, and over 20 colors and prints (including some cute, trendy patterns). It is designed with small pockets filled with beads that won’t shift while you sleep. Several reviewers who typically suffer from night sweats reported they love this blanket.

One reviewer wrote: “This blanket is AMAZING! Truly cooling as stated. Hugs every part of me all night without making me hot!”

10. Sleep With A Fan That’s Perfect For Your Bedside Table

Also available on: Walmart, $55

This small but powerful fan measures just 11 inches tall but is strong enough to circulate air around your bedroom, reaching up to 60 feet. You can easily customize your cooling with three speed settings, and reviewers have attested that this model is quieter than other fans they’ve tried yet still provides a nice amount of white noise for a good sleep. Plus, its front grille can be removed for effortless cleaning. With nearly 5,000 ratings, shoppers have described this as an “awesome fan.”

One reviewer wrote: “Compact size and soft sound makes this appliance move air efficiently and acts as a white noise device. I am tired of air conditioning and getting fresh air moving through our sleep room makes for a great night of sleep.”

11. Try Out A Cooling Sleep Mask For Instant Relief

One spa-like solution for hot sleepers is a cooling eye mask. Place this mask in the fridge and the gel inside the eye mask gets cold enough to provide a lingering cooling effect that makes falling asleep more comfortable. The mask has an adjustable elastic strap for a perfect fit and it even comes in 23 options, including ones with a face roller or pad.

One reviewer wrote: “This eye mask is great! I found it very useful for anytime sleeping because I like a cool pillow (or these) on my head when I sleep. They are filled with little beads that freeze but don't explode. So, putting this on my forehead or over my eyes blocked out the light and felt cool & refreshing.”

12. Sleep In Silky Satin Pajamas That Won’t Absorb Sweat

Not only will this satiny pajama set make you feel super chic and put together before bed, but it will help keep you cool while you sleep. Made from a blend of polyester and spandex, this two-piece set is perfect for the summertime or year-round if you’re a hot sleeper. Plus, it’s available in over 40 colors.

One reviewer wrote: “These pajamas are very comfortable, and super cute! Great for keeping cool on hot nights.”

13. Swap Your Comforter For A Cooling Blanket

Instead of throwing off that thick and heavy comforter every night, replace it with this cooling blanket that, according to fans, “works like magic” to keep you cool. The manufacturer even reports this blanket can lower your body temperature by up to 10 degrees in just five minutes. One side of this blanket features a special cooling material that absorbs body heat and moisture. Flip the blanket over to feel the bamboo cotton fabric that’s a bit thicker, but still soft and cooling.

One reviewer wrote: “I don't know what kind of sorcery this is... but it's freaking amazing. When I used this during the summer I would actually get (almost) too cold!! And I am a VERY HOT sleeper! It washes well, I use a light cycle and hang it to dry as it says on the label. I definitely recommend!!”

14. Sleep On Silk Pillowcases That Are Cool To The Touch

With over 27,000 reviews and a 4.5-star average rating, fans usually come to buy these silk pillowcases looking for improved skin and hair health. But another understated benefit is that they can regulate body heat to keep your head cool and comfortable while you sleep. Reviewers attest that these 100% Mulberry silk soft pillowcases feel cool to the touch. That means no more flipping pillows over and over to get that “cool side” ever again.

One reviewer wrote: “This has got to be the absolute best pillowcase I have ever used. It is not only well made but so soft and cool to the touch. I really feel that I sleep better.”

Also Great To Have: An Indoor Thermometer & Humidity Gauge

Also available on: Walmart, $14

Want to be sure your new cooling devices and accessories are doing their job and creating a cooler sleeping space? This digital indoor thermometer keeps track of high and low temperatures in your room, as well as humidity levels. It even boasts a smiley face comfort level indicator so that you can tell, at a glance, whether your bedroom is the optimum temp for sleep. The thermometer runs on battery and can be set up on its tabletop stand or mounted using its magnetic backing.

One reviewer wrote: “This little thermometer is great. It is easy to read and seems accurate. I have one in my bedroom because our upstairs gets much warmer than downstairs in the summer. It saves me money because I don’t keep the air conditioner running endlessly. I put it on only when my bedroom gets too warm.”

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