30 Warm Costumes For Halloween 2022

Cold weather can't stop the fun.

by Kat Kuehl, Mia Mercado and Mackenzie Sylvester
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These warm Halloween costumes are perfect for cold weather.
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Halloween is a time to be someone you're not: A princess, a cat, a fruit, a vampire slayer... whatever. But, if you live in a cold climate, it's usually pretty darn frigid outside by the time the holiday rolls around. And if you're trying to dress up in any one of those costumes mentioned above, it's hard to really lean into the vibe of the look if you're also laying sweaters and coats over the outfit you paid really good money for at Party City. At this point, you're probably searching for some warm Halloween costumes that will keep you from freezing your butt off.

The weather isn't always predictable on Halloween, so picking a Halloween costume isn't as easy as going for something super cozy or super cool. With Halloween taking place in the middle of fall, and the likelihood of a celebration taking place outside, you're usually better off picking out a costume that's warm on its own — and, while there is no doubt that the majority of Halloween costumes don't feature a lot of, uh, material, there are still plenty of options that are creative and warm.

Still not convinced? Here are 30 cold weather Halloween costumes that will keep you warm on a chilly holiday.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Pretty much any costume that involves a full-on onesie is sure to be warm. So, this Ninja Turtle costume will definitely keep you cozy. If you can't find an existing Ninja Turtle onesie, see if you can find a plain green one, or even a green sweatshirt and sweatpants. Then, use fabric paint for the details. Top it all off with a headband, cape, and some face paint.

2. Where's Waldo

A red and white striped sweatshirt and a knit hat are the perfect ingredients for a warm costume. (You may want to swap the skirt for a pair of sweatpants to keep cozy.) Waldo is a fitting — and simple! — choice for a costume that's toasty and comfortable. Grab a pair of thick-rimmed black glasses, and your outfit is complete.

3. Santa

It's already chilly out, so you might as well dress like you're in the North Pole. That wooly red coat and a big, bushy beard provide perfect insulation. Doing a DIY version? All you need are some red sweatpants, a red bathrobe, a black belt, a fake beard, and a Santa hat.

4. Regina George’s Mom

You’re not a regular mom, you’re a cool mom — a cool mom that’s staying warm, that is. Throw on a pink tracksuit, a lacy tank top (you know, the early 2000s one that no outfit was complete without), and a chunky necklace. Don’t forget the camcorder and mocktails. You’re doing amazing, sweetie.

5. Daphne Bridgerton

London can get pretty chilly, so keep warm in Daphne’s floor-length Regency gown. Then protect your fingers with some high society, Lady Whistledown-approved white elbow-length gloves (and look pristine and proper while doing so). And while bundling up in a giant blanket is ideal on a cold Halloween, Daphne’s hooded cape is the next best thing.

6. Mario and Luigi

With a thermal red or green shirt, overalls, white gloves, and a hat, it's no wonder that this costume choice is so popular. Plus, you get to dress up with a friend. You can even get a mustache face mask to complete your costume.

7. Mummy

What could be warmer than wrapping yourself up in a bunch of fabric? Plus, it's super easy. All you need is a cut-up sheet or some other fabric and a friend to help you wrap up. What won't be so easy? Needing to use the bathroom.

8. Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore is always wrapped up in long layers from head to toe. The wizard’s look is easy to recreate and will keep you nicely bundled and toasty all night long. Throw on a silvery blue floor-length coat, a matching hat, half-moon glasses, and a long white beard — which doubles as a face-warmer. Be sure to keep your elder wand nearby to ward off dementors.

9. Pumpkin

Alright, so maybe this costume is a little more common for babies. But, that's probably because it's super cozy and warm. Layer some warm black clothes underneath this easy pumpkin topper, and you're ready for a fall-themed night out.

10. Sloth

You can dress as the animal itself or say it’s a literal interpretation of your favorite deadly sin. Regardless of your reasoning, you’ll be warm all night.

11. Marty McFly

What's so great about this memorable Back to the Future character? He wears lots of layers. Grab some jeans, a blue button-down shirt, a jean jacket, and a red puffer vest. You're sure to be warm and easily recognizable.

12. Black Cat

A warm and fuzzy onesie might as well be cozy pajamas at this point. Plus, you can easily layer extra warm clothes under your catsuit, making it the perfect cold weather Halloween antidote.

13. Carmen Sandiego

With a red trench coat, a floppy hat, and a yellow scarf, this Carmen Sandiego costume is stylish and sure to keep you warm all evening. Plus, pairing it with a red face mask will work with the whole ensemble.

14. Bella Swan

Edward’s skin might be ice cold, but as Bella you’ll stay nice and warm (perks of being a mortal with a beating heart). And as a mortal, her clothes are the everyday attire you may already have in your closet. Pull a hooded brown or yellow coat over a long sleeve with jeans and converse. If you’re not a natural brunette, wear a long brown wig — thin headband and mittens optional. Make it a group costume by recruiting an Edward and a Jacob.

15. Shark

You could probably wear a second costume under this shark costume, it's so big and cozy. But remember, fish are friends not food.

16. Deer

If you're looking to stay warm, why not dress as something that actually lives outdoors? Use a brown onesie or some other warm clothes, and glue some lighter brown fur onto the belly. Top the look off with some antlers, ears, and fun makeup!

17. Black Widow

Be the ultimate badass without batting an eye at the plummeting temperature in a Black Widow onesie. Wear black gloves, tall boots, and fling some light-up batons around if you’re feeling extra spicy. Spray your hair red or wear a short red wig to fully embody the Avenger’s energy.

18. 50 Shades of Grey

The book series was hot, so it only makes sense that the costume would be warm. What do you need to pull this look off? A gray long sleeve top and pants and a ton of different gray paint chips. Fasten them to your top, and let everyone at the party guess what you’re dressed as.

19. Unicorn

Taylor Swift dressed as a unicorn, and you can too! Wear some fuzzy white clothes, and fasten some angel wings and a tail. For the hat? Cover an existing cap with some white fur, and then attach some ears and the horn. Strap on a unicorn face mask, and you're set for a magical night.

20. Mickey or Minnie Mouse

These beloved Disney characters make for a costume that's adorable and warm. Start with some red bottoms and a long sleeve black top. Add a pair of ears and some white gloves for extra warmth, and you've got a costume that's equal parts iconic and comfortable.

21. Witch

Witches aren't really known for showing a lot of skin, so you can bet this classic Halloween costume will keep you warm. Wear a long black skirt or dress, and grab a classic witch hat and a cape. Steal the broom from your house, and zip out the door!

22. Cruella De Vil

What could be warmer than a fuzzy fur coat? Dress up as this Disney villain by wearing a long black dress, red gloves, and a furry white coat. Spray half of your hair white, and the other half black (or buy a Cruella wig if you’re not into colored hair paint).

23. Garden Gnome

With the requisite hats, furry beards, and socks needed to pull this look off, this costume is the perfect choice for a chilly Halloween. Make your own hat from felt, buy a beard from any Halloween store, and dress up in your cutest (and warmest) gnome-like dress.

24. Rockstar

Dressing up like a hardcore rocker involves a lot of layers. So, it's sure to keep you warm and comfortable! Grab everything from leather pants or ripped jeans to tattered t-shirts, jean jackets, and bandanas, and layer it all together for a sassy — and warm — costume.

25. Lumberjack

Dress up as a lumberjack for a costume that's both easy and warm. Wear some jeans, suspenders, a flannel shirt, and a knit hat. Finish off the look with a plastic axe!

26. Workout Instructor

Add your favorite zip up hoodie and sneakers to this Yitty Leggings look then carry some workout accessories like a water bottle or weigh to be the cutest workout instructor on the block.

27. White Lie

If you want a more low maintenance costume, get a simple white long sleeve top and write (or pin a sign) that features a “little white lie” about yourself. It’s an easy costume and an even easier conversation starter.

28. Skeleton

If we’re being technical, this onesie is actually a set of pajamas — which means they’re definitely the right call to warm you on a cool Halloween night.

29. Maverick

You may not be Miles Teller, but this one piece Top Gun suit will warm you up just as much as those few weeks on #TellerTok did.

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