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These Are The Positions Women *Really* Want

by Laken Howard

Not all sex positions were created equal. Every body is different, so naturally, certain positions work better for some people than they do for others. You might prefer a position that allows super deep penetration, or maybe you gravitate towards ones that allow for eye contact. The sex positions women really want are actually much more varied than you might assume.

Even if you love to have hours-long sex with tons of position-changing, it's only natural that you have a favorite position that never lets you down. Some women get off from G-spot stimulation, while others require things to be strictly clitoral. And let's not forget about people whose best orgasms come from incorporating a toy or two into the mix. No matter your preference, there's a position out there that just works for you. Even if you haven't found it yet, don't stress. Practice makes perfect, and the more positions you try, the more likely you are to figure out the intricacies of your body.

I asked seven women to share what they love about their go-to position. Knowing what other women like might just inspire you to give their favorites a try.

1. Modified Doggy

Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle
"Lying on your stomach while the guy enters you from behind helps him go really deep, and keeping your legs closed provides friction and gives him access to the G-spot. The added friction of lying down against the bed also feels great, and if the guy leans down against your back, that closeness feels really intimate. Plus, being facedown in the position is ideal for screaming into a pillow, so I can be as loud as I want." — Mary, 22

2. Spooning

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"I love the intimacy this position allows. With him pressed up against you, he can easily stimulate your nipples and clitoris, and the angle when he enters you is perfect for hitting the G-spot. Also, spooning is great for when you're feeling lazy in the mornings but want to have sex ... there's not a lot of movement required, so you can get off without getting too sweaty!" — Alyssa, 24

3. Doggy Style

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"I really like doggy style because I think I have a nice butt, and my boyfriend does too, TBH. I'm also a very visual person, so I like the graphic nature of it all. I prefer doggy style on the edge of the bed, with him standing." — Julia, 22

4. Modified Missionary

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"I hate the 'boring' stigma that's attached to enjoying missionary, because it's seriously my favorite position. I like being able to look into my partner's eyes and kiss him, and this is obviously super easy in missionary. It's not like you have to lay there like a dead fish while your partner does all the work; you can move too, or change the position of your legs to mix things up. My go-to is wrapping my legs around my partner's waist to pull him in super close while he thrusts." — Meghan, 22

5. Woman On Top

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"I feel like this position is a favorite for a lot of my female friends, because it gives women more control over their own orgasm. For me, if I can control the speed/depth of penetration, it lets my arousal build at the pace I choose, so it's more likely that I'll get off. And it's just sexy to be on top, putting on a show for my partner, who has easy access to my boobs and clitoris." — Kat, 21

6. Reverse Cowgirl

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"I'll be honest: I have a nice ass, and this is the position that showcases that the best. The angle his penis enters is great too, but I'm biased because of the aesthetic factors at play." — Audrey, 26

7. Legs Up

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"This is by far the best position if you want deep penetration. It's like regular missionary, but 100 times hotter! You can put one leg on either of his shoulders, or put them both on the same side. The only problem is that, unless you're pretty flexible (which I am not, haha), this position can quickly make your legs cramp up. Still, the orgasms are worth it!" — Liz, 23